Upcoming Sale on Chloe at NM- Betty, Paddy- the whole gang

  1. Once I heard about the 30% sale at Kirina Zabete, I called Lisa (my favorite SA at NM) to see if they could price match. Well, she could not match the price, but she did tell me that next weekend (Memorial Day) they will be having a sale on their Chloe Handbags. While she did not know what handbags would be going on sale, or the actual discount, she did say this:

    She is willing to take down names in advance of anyone who is interested in a Betty (or any other Chloe handbag for that matter) if it goes on sale, and she will put one aside for you.

    To make arrangements, call her at (248) 635-8442 and tell her that Jill told you about the upcoming sale. She says that they have a ton of stock, so if you have had a hard time finding something before, now might be your time to splurge!

    Hope someone scores big!!! Good luck ladies, and let me know if you have any questions! :flowers:
  2. YOWZA! Jag - you're a doll! Thanks for the heads up! Lisa has been working hard to try to find me a medium Chamois and I was regretting calling her to let her know I managed to find one. Now I can ask for her help with something else! The discount has to be worthwhile though, like Kirna.

    I wonder if this sale is local to her store, or global to all NM stores?
  3. Oh, I wish I knew Roey! I really don't know. Next time I talk to her I will ask.
  4. Oh no, there's danger still a comin' around the bend!!! Help!! LOL

    jag - your SA sounds like the best on the whole planet! What a sweetheart!
  5. ^^^ She is! I have a great relationship with her, and she felt terrible that NM would not price match for me for the Mousse Paddy. So she let me in on the upcoming sale, but still encouraged me to buy my Paddy at Kirna Zabete b/c I could get a bigger (and guaranteed) discount and told me I would be nuts to turn that down! How many SAs do that!!!
  6. Wow Jag! Thanks, I just a mousse paddy a few weeks ago ....... tags are still on it ......... do you think they'd adjust?? This year is crazy for great bags and now the sales are starting!!
  7. I can't imagine paying full price for a Chloe and then seeing it on sale.
  8. Exactly!
  9. awesome tip! thanks! I so wish I had cash right now!
  10. Thanks!!! I love NM return policy, so thats even better.
  11. Pursesuader-I don't know about the price adjustment, but it is always worth a call!

    And ladies, remember, if there is something you want in particular go put your name in so you can take advantage of it. These are going to go fast! And HAVE FUN!
  12. What is their return policy? The web site says 10 days for a price adjustment.
  13. This is so tempting, I want a paddy again :cry: Do they have baby paddys?
  14. All these sales are killing me but theres nothing I want *gasp* anyways I was just at NM and for once they have a lot of chloes. regular, pocket, a ton of bettys, and an edith in a beigey color (didnt pay too much attention, probably chamois)
  15. 30% off on Chloe bags *faints*... I so wish I live in US :cry: