Upcoming pieces

  1. I just heard that there will be some new Epi travel pieces ( Handheld not on wheels)

    A new handbag call the "Neverfull". In Monogram canvas. It's supposed to be a really good price point for LV!

    And as reported here before, a pegese in Vernis in the new red color and a deep purple color. It will be a 50 size only. It is slated to be a one shot only deal.
  2. Neverful is an older toile bag. I wounder if they are doing it in monogram now?
  3. Monogram Neverfull :nuts:
  4. ohh, does any one have pix of em? What will the price be for Vernis pegase? :drool:
  5. pics please!!
  6. Yeah the neverfull is from that older toile line, but it is being made in mongram and its VERY CHEAP! yes!!! it doesnt look like the older neverfull either, apparently its more of a tote style is wat I was told... the neverfull in the toile is more than the mc keepall @ $2740 but the new bag in mono is much cheaper, like $700 I was told... and epi is coming out with new luggage but I heard a pegase style as well? I hate the pegase 50 its too small!

    the neverfull comes in 2 sizes, the bigger one is the one that is priced more than the MC keepall

  7. It is also trimmed with goat leater like Suhali :smile:
  8. i saw a picture on glamour they have new yoga plus travelling bag.Will post picture
  9. Oh:drool: .
  10. If you check out the LV website and click on the Japan area you can see a picture of the neverfull and a mini pouchette with the trunks and bags logo. Very cute, it looks like it will come in 3 sizes.
  11. Great news...Thanks for the pics Matt!
  12. they also have the new congo bags on the japan site, i would love the GM!!

  13. Wow Matt!!

    Thanks for posting the photos! I don't know how to do that yet! I wish that the pegase came in at least a 60 size. Maybe in monogram multicolor? I have read here that's supposed to happen. I hope so! I want it in black.
  14. thAnks 4 tHe info guYs!! I wouLd LOVE one of theSe.. :love:
  15. I think the pegase 50 should not even be an option its jsut TOO small and a complete waste! When I went to Boston last year the flight attendant had a damier 50 and I complimented her and she wished she would have gotten the bigger size, now she has to carry 2 bags...

    I cant wait to see the MC and Vernis Pegases though! :smile: