upcoming NEW releases!!

  1. Ok not sure if this has been posted or not but I was able to see some pics of the new stuff coming out.

    They will be releasing a carly large and demi in a natural colored canvas with chocolate C's on it. If any of you got the big fragrance samples, it's the same material as the dress the model is wearing in the sample pics. Very, very cute! Ok click on this link to see the dress material: http://www.coach.com//fragrance/inspiration.aspx

    Also they are coming out with a new patchwork denim. Can't remember what styles are coming but looked very cute as well.

    And I was told that they are coming out with the accoridan zip around wallet in signature with a stripe of the lining of the legacy bags.........sounds really cute. I am on my way to my store to check out the pics.

    Will be back later tonight with an update on what else is coming out.
  2. This is the second I've heard of this...I cannot wait to see how it's done (signature with "legacy stripe")

    and your screename totally makes me giggle....:p
  3. thanks, my teacher used to call me this in high school...........no idea why?? :nuts: hehe

  4. OK now you have my attention!
  5. I was in the vet's office this past week - and saw a lady with a Coach bag made of the cream/white fabric with large chocolate c's on it. Looked a lot like what you are describing. Course, it could be fake, too.
  7. That was probably the Cotton Legacy line from last year. They had chocolate on cream, a kind of gray on cream and yellow on cream signature.

  8. This came out last year in a shoulder tote and slim tote. It sold pretty fast in that color. I had the small pouch, but I sold it because it was too small.... super cute though!
  9. Like this?:


    This came out last year (I think) and I passed it up. I hope this is what you're talking about.
  10. Tracy, how did you find out about the patchwork denim. I missed that tote last year and was very sorry indeed that I did not buy it...
  11. This is very pretty- [​IMG]
    does anyone know if it is still available?
  12. I am dying to hear about this Legacy accordian wallet! :nuts:
  13. wow! i really really can't wait to see the legacy stripe accordion wallet!
  14. Me too!!
  15. I've seen them on eBay occasionally. Also, didn't handbagashley get this? I can't remember who it was but someone called Coach and ordered a bag like this or maybe even this particular one. You could call Coach and ask them if they have the Legacy cotton line still from last year. You never know!