Upcoming Mulberry Bags

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  1. Why oh why did they make most of the coming soon bags in washed nappa?? :wtf: I was sold on the fleet!

    after reading the description that washed nappa marks easily and another person saying they'd never buy a washed nappa bag again, I wonder how successful the carnaby, fleet etc bags will be?

    And how long have they been 'coming soon' for? I've been checking for over a month now!

    Any thoughts on these upcoming designs - carnaby, fleet, hoxton, oxford?

    I quite like the coffee coloured nappa though I like the fleet bag the best. And let's not forget he already released Mabel, who's just diving in red goatskin, but not in my wardrobe! :sad: Well, not yet anyway!:p
  2. I quite like the look of them although, somehow, they don't say Mulberry to me. I think they look a bit Marc Jacobs-y. Don't think I'll be buying. I do love the look of the Somerset line though, definitely the hobo.
    I'm just off to buy Araline twinnies in soft nappa so it'll be interesting to see how the leather stands up. The washed nappa felt great when I saw it but I do think it would mark very easily.
  3. Oh no, it was me who said about not buying washed nappa again. Please don't take my opinion as gospel - I don't know anything :nogood: There are loads of girls on here who have washed nappa bags and are delighted with them. It could be that the style of my washed nappa bag (the Joni) just doesn't lend itself well to the leather. Eg it's a messenger bag so it rubs against my hip as I wear it - that means the leather is constantly rubbing against what I'm wearing (usually dark blue jeans) and so there is a massive blue stain on the back. There are lots of buckles etc so I'm always scratching it getting in and out. Plus, it's my everyday bag and, as I've got a toddler, I'm always in a hurry and don't take as much care as perhaps I should.

    However, they are very lightweight which is a real plus. And perhaps other colours are a bit more forgiving - I've got the coffee. And the feel is butter soft.

    I love those new "coming soon" bags, too - and the price is great as well. Please try the washed nappa for yourself!
  4. Yeah, i wonder when all the coming soon bags will arrive.......some of them are reeally nice!!