Upcoming LV bags?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new with this forum, but I'm already loving it. I was just wondering. Does anyone know any sites or places to look for upcoming LV bags? I know the miroir bag are coming up soon, but does anyone know whats the next collection after that?
  2. Ke ai Bb.. There's the leopard line which is also from Fall 06 season.. Next collection will be announced October 8th during LV spring/summer fashion show in paris!!
  3. There is always Damier Azul to keep us warm through the winter.
  4. Thanks so much for the info!!!
  5. Besides the Miroir line, I am personally waitiing for the Groom collection:

  6. What's the Groom collection? will that come out in the US? I see a couple of bags that come out only in France or other countries, except US.
  7. Yes the groom collection will come out in US around 9/25. There are 7 pieces available...all small leather goods accessories (2 agendas, 3 wallets, and 2 coin holders-one round and one a cles)
  8. oooohhhh I can't wait for October 8th....I was wondering when new lines would be announced (I'm crossing my fingers for a great limited line!)
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