Upcoming Kooba NYC Sample Sale

  1. Kooba sample sale: SSS Sample Sales, 261 West 36th. St. (btw. 7th./8th Ave.). Beginning Tuesday April 24th. through Friday, April 27. 10:00 am - 7:00 pm except the Friday they close at 6:00 pm
  2. Oh how I would LOVE to attend one of those sample sales someday.

    *wonders just how many bags I could carry*

    We would love to see the styles available posted from an attendee.
  3. Omg im going to go. I intern on 36th st between 7th and broadway so im right there. I have never been to a sample sale. Will there be really long lines? What time do you girls think I should get there in order to be at work by 1 on tuesday?
  4. About 6 on each arm :p resting every 2 blocks
  5. :yahoo: SAYS IT ALL!!:heart:
  6. YES there will be long lines!!!

    i would get there at like 915 on tuesday so you can be near the front cause there are ppl who will get there so early!!!

    and they will wait on the lines all AM, so if you get there 915 youll be near the begninng and youll get in and get 1st pics and get out quicker,, if you dont go until 10 when it starts you will have to wait longer and wont get 1st pics :smile:

    i went to the last few and trust me you can wait for like 40 min while you watch other ladies take all the good stuff :smile:
  7. For what it's worth, last time I went (around 11am) NO ONE was there. Of course, it was snowing like crazy, so that probably had more to do with it.

    Does anyone know what styles they'll have?
  8. i went then too and i think that was ONLY because it was snowing like crazy AND because they had already had the sale going on the week before, and i think even the week before that

    so it was OLD news that they were having it and everyone i think who wanted what tehy wanted had already gone

    the 1st day of this new sale i guarenteee will be insane especially if they are going to have ANY new styles
  9. I would just avoid the lunch time crowd. A lot of places/retail outlelts open at 10:00 so first thing may be crowded. I plan to go by 10/10:30 opening day and then on the last day as well. Often they will replenish the supply of merchanidse throughout the week. I went to the Gussto sample sale last week and it was not too crowded. Good luck.
  10. I suppose I could bring a wagon. *s
  11. Do you think they will have Kooba Jillians in black....and if so, how much might they be?
  12. It seems like the kind folks are having the kooba sales more frequently so the shopping might not be as frenzied. When I went to the end of the Gustto sale last week, they had most of the bag styles left, but very few people were checking them out, the were going for the cheap Tory Burch.
  13. No idea of what they will have and pricing. I know that their Gustto bags were around $250.00 so I expect the pricing to be similar.
  14. So... Kalodie1... Did you go to the sample sale on Tuesday... Tell us, how was it? Nice variety of styles available? How were the prices?
  15. It's next Tuesday and I will report my findings/purchases...