Upcoming Keyfobs and Charms

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  1. I just love the SA's at my local Coach store. They looked up a bunch of new keyfobs for me and were really patient while I wrote it all down in order to tell everyone here! I didn't get all the new ones, just mainly the leather ones and a few others that sounded cool. I don't have any pics since the drill down doesn't work anymore. Maybe someone else has a cool way of getting pics now. So, here goes....

    Lucky Mix 92418 - available now for order
    Poodle 92409 - Available now for order
    3D Panda 92414 - comes out 10/08
    Ox 92408 - comes out 10/08 (because it will be the year of the Ox)
    Polar Bear 92423 - comes out 10/08
    3D Snowman Lanyard 92929 - comes out 11/08
    Teddy Bear 92411 - comes out 11/08
    Penguin 92410 - comes out 11/08
    Bunny 92447 - comes out 12/08
    Frog Prince Enamel 92448 - comes out 12/08
    Daffodil 92466 - comes out 12/26/08
    Cupcake Lanyard 92458 - 12/26/08
    Peace Locket 92442 - comes out 12/26/08
    Water Lily Enamel 92469 - comes out 12/26/08
  2. they all sound cute!

    When did the drilldown stop working? What happened?!
  3. there are a few on that list that im excited for!!! :biggrin: what is a 3D panda though?
  4. Oh, the polar bear sounds cute! I was hoping for a new snowflake though, did you see anything mentioned about one?
  5. No new snowflake on the list I got, but my list isn't 100% complete either. You can always try going to your store and seeing if the SA will look up upcoming styles in the computer for you.
  6. I can't wait to see the polar bear!
  7. I'm excited! So many sound cute, can't wait to see all the rest/see pictures!
  8. Yay a polar bear!? I will DEFINITELY be getting that one!
  9. This is why it's such a bummer that the drill down doesn't work for the new styles anymore. We hear about new things coming out, we get all excited, but we can't see them. Such a buzz kill.
  10. a cupcake lanyard?? she'd better be yummylicious!!
  11. Water Lily...sounds lovely, can't wait
  12. The polar bear, penguin and bunny sound super cute, can't wait to see what they look like!
  13. I too will be getting the Polar Bear! I have been waiting for one. In fact I did ask this last weekend, but the SA just did not know anyhing.
  14. Ohhh, I like the cupcake lanyard. Too bad I wouldn't have a place for it. The Lucky Mix sounds nice.