Upcoming H auction from Artcurial

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  1. Received a brochure from Artcurial today (well, it is in French, how come they cannot prepare one in English?).

    I will try to give the information using my limited understanding of French:

    Date: 9, 10 November at 2:30pm

    Exhibition time: 4 - 7 November
  2. perhaps you could scan it and some lovely members vont vous aider...?:flowers:
  3. i dont think the catalog is available yet...looking forward to it though!! :graucho:
  4. Catalog will not be published in quite a while but I'm looking forward to it. =)
  5. #6 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010

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  6. ^^^ that croc birkin is tdf!!
  7. Can we bid remotely? I really want the yellow Kelly!!
  8. :yes:, applicable fees ;)

  9. Yay!!!
  10. Lot 547
    For those who want a practically indestructable office bag. What a rarity.

    Lot 541
    Wasen't this up last time as well? tempting..
  11. it is the first time that i saw the picture of elephant skin: lot 547. Scary.
  12. :shocked:

  13. It looks much better in black. :smile: