Upcoming Ferragamo & Fendi Private Sales at Ruelala

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just want to update you all in the upcoming sales for Fendi and Ferragamo handbags at Ruelala. Sales start on Aug 22. However, there is one BIG change that applied to these two boutiques in particular. That is "All items are Final Sales". So make up your mind before your hit the "submit order" button.
    I bought designer handbags from them before and this is my first time seeing this notation (at the upper left corner). I already contacted Ruelala to confirm this remark. They didn't do it with Kate Spade and Juicy Couture though.
  2. How do you become a member to this sight? I'm very interested.
  3. You need an invitation
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    what is the site address---and can i get an invitation to join.
  5. I visited the site, and noticed that you need an invitation. How would I go about getting one? I don't personally know anyone who is a member....