Upcoming Barneys Sales


Aug 9, 2006
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew about other upcoming Barney's sales. I was able to snag a few Lanvin flats at the Dallas Barneys one day sale a few weeks back. However, I just called BH Barneys about their one day sale and they say Lanvins are not included. Anybody know if the other Barneys are having one day sales and if Lanvin is included on those? Thanks!
Mar 4, 2007
My Dallas Barney's SA said that on June 1st the same sale that happened on May 5th, will happen again and the same designers will be included as before, so if I'm not wrong, then the Lanvins should be included again. At least for the Dallas Barney's. But, you could call and ask, I imagine pre-sale will be in effect a week from June 1


Jun 13, 2007
Do you guys think that those men's Balenciaga gladiator will be on sale?? because I couldnt refrain myself and ordered them. They'll be here within this week, probably tomorrow. Being a guy with small feet sucks. Anywayz, could anyone check for me if the next sale will include those? I dont want to pay full price and find out weeks after that they go on sale. :sad: Thanx a lot.