UPC for Gucci Large Jockey?

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  1. I'm contemplating the Gucci large Jockey in beige canvas. I know this style is no longer being made, but would rather try to find it in a retail store (outlet, etc) before resorting to eBay. Does anyone know what the UPC code for this style/color is? I think I will have better luck locating it with this information than by style name and description. I'd like to make an effort to find one before moving on to another (newer) style. Thanks in advance.
  2. I could actually get the style code for you, but it's sold out in the company so the retail stores and outlet definitely don't have it in beige. All that's left is the large Jockey hobo in black canvas.

    But like other ladies have said, it might be possible to find at a NM Last call or Off 5th store.
  3. There were two large jockey gucci bags at DSW in Costa Mesa, CA in beige about two weeks ago. You can call them and see if they will ship to you. It is across from South Coast Plaza.
  4. Thank you for the responses. I struck out with NM Last Calls. I guess I need to carve out the time to call around to the Off 5th stores and to the specific DSW store mentioned.