Up0d.ate on my adopted boy Max *pics*

  1. Hey Guys
    I don't know if you remember but about a month ago I adopted Max. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is the sweetest boy and gets along great with his new sister Sophie. I finally remembered to post pictures of him so enjoy!! The last one is Max and Sophie sleeping together on the couch...they are soo cute!!!:girlsigh:

    Adopting him was the best thing we could have done...we already want more dogs....but we need a bigger place first!

    Enjoy! :p
    DSCN1305.JPG DSCN1306.JPG DSCN1346.JPG
  2. sorry on the typo on the thread name...I realized after I posted it and I don't know how to change it!! :shame:
  3. Cute dogs!
  4. I love stories with a happy ending! Your Max is cute and so is Sophie!:love:
  5. Glad to hear! He's a cutie pie.
  6. Oh he´s precious! What a beautiful face!
  7. Awww, such sweet babies!
  8. aww, they're both adorable!
  9. thanks they really are the best! :tender:
  10. He's sooo cute!!! I'm so happy for you and him!!
  11. Thanks for sharing and bless you for adopting Max. I see he likes his rawhide stix just like my adopted boxer boy does.

    Isn't it cute how such different size dogs can be friends?
  12. How could I have missed this update thread? Max looks SOOO good! You are awesome for adopting and giving this sweet boy a home. He looks like such a happy little guy and has the cutest face! :tender:
  13. How cute!
  14. my goodness!! what an adorable little guy :tup:
  15. He is beautiful and he has the softest eyes. I think he looks right at home with Sophie. Congrats!