Up, Up and Away!

  1. I just had a look around Saks.com and guess what's going on? Yup, you guessed it: Prada prices are going up again!! The smaller Gauffre that was $2450 is up to $2650!!! This is getting ridiculous!!:wtf:
  2. :sad::crybaby::cursing:
    As if Prada's not expensive enough to begin with... they should be going on sale if anything. :Push:
  3. Yikes! :wtf: A $200 price hike?
  4. ThaT HAS to be an error???Cuz the Prada stores are still the same price...
  5. Looks like someone's taking some pointers from LV (them and their bi-weekly price hikes! :cursing: Pretty soon a Speedy will cost $2K!)
  6. It's still $2450 at the NM site too. Maybe Saks is getting greedy?:yes:
  7. isnt that illegal? to sell for higher than the MSRP?
  8. I don't know but it's really odd for the price to be the same at both the Prada store and NM... hmm... Something seems fishy here...
  9. No, not illegal. What's illegal is for Prada to require sale at MSRP. That's why the MSRP is merely a suggestion, not a requirement. The "S" in MSRP stands for "suggested."
  10. Ohh I see. Thanks for clearing that up. :flowers:
  11. ^Anytime:flowers:
  12. Doesn't Saks also have the wrong picture up for the bag being sold? At least a while back they were showing a pic of the east west bag, but the dimensions they listed were for the more square bag. If you asked them a question to resolve it, they would just say that is all the info we have! So who knows.
  13. so, Saks is not the way to go then
  14. i have noticed that a few prada bags and the like at saks cost more than at neiman! i think it's just a saks thing!