Up To There in Saddle/Silver HW (pics)

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  1. Hi all, as promised here are the pics of my 1st Tano bag Up To There in Saddle/ Silver Hardware bella leather :biggrin: all pics taken in natural indoor daylight and i think the actual color is slightly deeper than what the pics show

    i was too excited to take pics and immediately hang up the bag on the 1st place i saw -> fan (not the best choice on after thought!) it's completely empty and so light weight!


    pic of interior. the bag is so soft imo it has completely no structure when empty. it was really difficult to take this pic as the bag just will not "stand" straight for a good pic lol


    pic of the leather itself. all 4 sided looks kindof different but i think we can't really see this variation when using the bag


    this bag is everthing what i was looking for and i'm a happy 1st Tano owner :yes:. It's light weight, zip top, comfortable on shoulder, a neutral color tone that goes with everything, and a great casual style that i'm sure it will not look dated anytime soon. best of all my hubby like it too :P

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  2. Oh YAY!! So glad you have her and love her!!! She is completely slouchy...but I think that will mean she will be very comfy to carry!

    And it got DH's thumbs up...even better!!

    Enjoy your new bag!!
  3. thanks odebdo! i carried once with all my baby stuff and it fits everything nicely + looks so chic!
  4. Very nice Ms P! I'm glad you like your first Tano!
  5. Ahh she's gorgeous! Perfect first Tano....your description of the slouchy leather is right on the money hahah Enjoy her..... she's lovely!
  6. Gorgeous! I'm so glad you love your first Tano!! And it's such a chic looking bag, you can use it forever - and it's cute that your hubs liked it too :smile: Enjoy that beautiful new purse!
  7. What a great workhorse Tano. And it looks great doing the job! Congrats. :smile:
  8. ooooohhh, so pretty!

  9. OOOOOOO very, very pretty! I hope you like the slouch - I think it's gorgeous, congrats!
  10. thanks all!

    TygerKitty i do adore the slouch :yes: it has the capacity when i need to use it as a baby bag and yet i can unload the stuff and it still looks good with just my minimum basic things. definitely worth the money for a workhorse bag :tup:
  11. So glad you love it! Enjoy in good health!
  12. Lovely color. Enjoy!
  13. ms p, what a great colour and leather - yummy bag all 'round!
  14. It is really pretty! I love that saddle bella leather, it looks like caramel candy!!
  15. Beautiful! I love the color!