Up to now, what's your favorite CL ever?

  1. I just ordered 2 pairs of the black patent/cork bruges from NAP (they were on sale for $411..yahoo!), so now I'll have 3 pairs of the same exact shoe. lol BUT they are my absolute favorite CLs ever! So I got to thinking, it would be fun to name our favorite CLs. So what's yours? :heart:
  2. It would have to be the very prive and pigalle! I feel that the very prive should be my signature shoe with the pigalle a close second.
  3. I can't wear CL heels because my feet are too wide and they never fit right :sad: But I am forever in love with the simple pump in python :love:

    I do have a pair of the tiburon espadrilles in black that I love, too!
  4. I cannot have just one favorite, so here is my list:
    1 - My favorite shoe of all time is the Lova Pigalle in black patent, it is the pigalle with the leopard detail.
    2 - And the close second is nude patent leather yoyo.
    3 - Rolando - in all colors, but especially love the electric blue and fuschia!
    4 - lizard very prive with cherry red tip which I am still trying to find.
    5 - And I cannot forget about the leopard, any leopard shoe ever made by mr louboutin.
  5. For me its the Pigalle 120, in every colour and material. I dont think I havent seen a pair I havent fallen in love with. I also like all types of heel on that shoe as well.
  6. My favorite is the classic black kid red tip very prive... I just think this shoes is SO HOT! It wasn't the first CL I ever liked, but it was the first one that made me fall in love with CLs! Now I'm just hooked! But the VP is my ultimate love!:p
  7. of the 4 pairs i own, my def favorite is the patent yo yo peep toe pump. I will wear them till i am 60. Best purchase ever!!!
  8. ^^ That made me smile. I imagined a cute older lady (much older than 60) in a floral print mumu walking around in killer heels. I bet we would be able to spot each other easily on the streets when we're old. We will be the ladies with blue hair, pushing walkers and shuffling in our red soled CLs. Maybe we should have a secret nod/wink to identify one another. :p

    My favorite is the Very Prive (esp. the black satin and nude patent).
  9. that made me sad.
    I probably wont be able to wear my pigalles 120s when I am 60. Unfortunately they are not 60-year old lady shoes :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    maybe I could make a hat out of them then?
  10. ^ That's so funny, because I have a muu muu I bought in the bush, and it's my favorite thing to wear EVER.

    My favorite CL is probably my black suede very prive. Close second is my leopard helmuts--sexy!
  11. I'm 29, btw.

  12. When I had to go to the bank a lot I used to see an older lady in the bank all the time in stillettos. I don't know how old she was but she was AT LEAST 60 if not 70 or 80. She always strutted into the bank in these high, high spiked heels like she was hot stuff. I thought she was so cute. I don't know what designer the shoes were (and this was years ago) but she ALWAYS was in her heels. And she always was cashing checks and I could hear her asking for new crisp bills.
  13. I adore my metallic pink Hi-Tinas. They are definitely not the shoes I wear most often (as a matter of fact, I think I've only worn them 4 or 5 times), but I just :heart::heart::heart: them!

  14. I love your leopard helmuts!
  15. This is tough to pick one...

    My favs so far are my gold foxtrots, the black mouche and the silver glitter no. prives. I also love the roccia python no. prives but haven't found a pair for me yet in a 42....hopefully eBay one day. So this is my top 4!

    I have yet to wear the Mouche as they are the least comfy to walk in just around the house for breaking in but I hope to break them out at my next event that I will mainly be sitting down. I have rocked the foxtrots and the glitter prives multiple times to concerts, weddings, etc. They both go with so many things and are always showstoppers and also comfy for at least the first 2-3 hours.

    I went to NYC and a TPF member recognized me from my glitter CLs! So it can happen.