up-to-date fakes

  1. Unfortunately, we're all used to seeing fake LV, Gucci, Coach, etc., bags, especially the older styles that have been around for a while. But I was really surprised in the grocery store yesterday to see a woman carrying a fake Jimmy Choo Ramona. :wtf: I mean, it's a relatively new bag (spring/summer 06) that's not that well-known among the masses yet. (I knew it was a fake because it was bright lime green, a color the Ramona's never came in.)

    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting (sickening!) that the counterfeiters are so up to date. What "of the moment" fakes have you all been seeing around?
  2. Here are a few of what I have recently seen.
    -Loewe 160th anniversary
    -Marc Jacobs
    -Chanel Coco Cabas
    All these are FAKE!!
    1-1.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  3. Yeah, it's insane how fast the fakers get on board.
  4. [​IMG]

    i was actually surprised with the level of detail on this one..
  5. I saw a Hampton's patchwork hobo at this huge flea market last weekend. I was just staring, because there were huge ink lines across it, and the lady just kept asking me to look in her car :/ OH, and lol, the tag inside said "Made in the US" blah blah. That made me giggle.

    Well I guess if you look at yahoo auctions or Ibid they are everywhere, but around WI I've really only seen REALLY bad fake LVs.
  6. I've seen one website selling "replicas" of LV and Chanel (and more) that look exactly like the real thing to me. I was shocked, and it made me afraid to buy on eBay because if those bags are what are shown in the pictures, there's no way I'd be able to tell the difference! I would post the URL but I don't want to actually encourage anyone to buy fakes :yucky:
  7. Oh, check out the Chinese Trade sites... Fake EVERYTHING. It's amazing. I have sat for hours just looking at all the stuff. BusyTrade - B2B Trade Leads, China Products, China Suppliers, Trade Directory
    EC Plaza Premier B2B Marketplace - Manufacturer, Buyer, Supplier, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturers, Buyers, Suppliers, Importers & Exporters Directory

    Crazy stuff there.
  8. I just don't understand how they can include a tag that is stamped "Louis Vuitton"???
  9. Yeah, I posted a link last month to a sleezy website that was selling the fake Ramona's in bulk. Made me sick. :throwup:

    I sincerely expect to see these things slipping into NM, Saks, BG,etc in the near future. PFers will spot them in a minute, but I'm not sure that most SAs in a lot of these stores could. The thought of getting a fake at Saks, etc makes me insane! :cursing:
  10. I've already seen fake Miu Miu Coffer's already!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!
  11. Yes... fake Coffers... .even the Thomas Wylde skull bags. The counterfeit market is VERY up to date.
  12. has anybody bought from a website "firstnfashion"? they do sell dior,gucci and fendi bags at a very reasonable prices. i am very tempted to buy a dior saddle bag. please help me. tnx
  13. I'm just as surprised at how up to date they are too. Amazing!
  14. i once saw a woman carry a fabric gucci handbag with Fendi buckle lol it was so funny
  15. Lv's.. oh gosh, they are all over the place.....