up-to-date 30cm Birkin pricing question!

  1. I was curious as to whether or not anyone here had the current prices for the following items, as I can't find any up-to-date ones on the board. If you can, please tell me if the price is w/or w/o tax! :yes: Thank you for any help guys! :smile:

    30cm Togo Birkin
    30cm Chevre Birkin
    30cm Clemence Birkin
  2. 30 cm Togo Birkin $7000
  3. Saw one last week in I think Evergrain for $7050.
  4. Neeya, are you thinking Birkin rather then Bolide??
  5. Winternight, I'm toiling with the idea of the Bolide this year and the Birkin next year, or the other way around! Just examining my options :graucho: Doing a bit of price comparison!

    Jag, I'll post all of this info on the inventory section for other's future reference, I didn't think I was allowed to post questions there (I thought just information posts were permitted :push:smile:
  6. Have you seen a Lindy bag IRL yet? That bag is sort of growing on me.

    I like Bolides, but I have to admit I love the idea of owning a Birkin.
  7. No problem! I can copy the answers into that thread- no worries!
  8. sheesh, the prices for the 30s are creeping up into 35 territory! by the time i get a 30 it will probably cost more than my 35 birkin :true:
  9. This is one of the reasons I contemplated getting a Birkin first, because by next year, whoosh! Price will get much higher. The Bolide doesn't seem to be climbing as quickly
  10. All of the bag prices are really creeping up fast. You should try and get your most expensive one first. :yes:

    Recently, a 30 cm box birkin $7050 w/o tax
  11. Oh I know hah...that's why, even though I know I love the Bolide, I think I'll wait until next year to purchase it. That Birkin price is horribly high for a 30cm bag, and I know I'll be thrilled with a Birkin as much as a Bolide, so I'll just go ahead and get that one before the next increase, I believe
  12. Good for you Neeya...keep saving and you will have it before you know it!
  13. Current USD...30 cm chevre Birkin $7450
  14. yowza! my 35 cm epsom birkin was 7200 in decembre. woo.