Up on Hillier Hill: the hillier hobo club!

  1. I also have the smaller hobo in Mouse Grey! I loveeeee it!! :heart:
  2. ampee, your outfit is soo cute. Where did you get that top? That size is perfect on you
  3. I totally agree!

    On Saturday I temporarily bought the huge hillier - the black with gold hardware and I was swimming in it. My BF told me to get a smaller version because it was too big and didn't suit my body.

    Hopefully, Nordstroms gets them soon because shopping for MJ's at Holt Renfrew sucks. They don't have anything. Even Aritzia has more. :sad:
  4. yay im a part of the club!

    The saddle hillier hobo with gold hardware was my HG for a long time, then i finally got one at a great price after I received a lot of scholarship money for school. Here is a pic of when I first got it :biggrin:

  5. ^ Woah, that is so pretty! Love the colour with the gold hardware.

    Where did you get that? Is the saddle colour darker than the tan colour?
  6. googly we r bag twins. lol
  7. For those that are interested in the new fall colors, I saw one of each in the black, faded aluminum, wine and the lavendar (sorry, don't remember official name) at the Nordstrom in Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, CA.

    ETA: These were all the small size, btw.
  8. hahah we r! i think saddle with the gold shiny hardware is one of the best colors for the hillier!
  9. googly~ it looks amazing and you're a total cutie! congrats!!!
  10. That wine color is *so* gorgeous! I would love to have the huge in it!

    And the faded aluminum is lovely, too!
  11. Thank you! The top's from Richard Ruiz, bought it on Revolve at 50% off + a coupon code back when they still had great sales.

    The size is ok really? I find it a tad small. I'm a big bag kinda girl!
  12. I just received my black huge Hillier with silver hardware today and I absolutely love it!
    Can't wait to take it out tomorrow!
  13. I hate this thread. I thought I just bought my last bag for the year!Waaah!! :crybaby:I may have to break my new one day old ban! Why the temptation!! The price is not bad too, so I may have to get one too!!
  14. i'm with ya coolmum! i want one so bad! :yes:
  15. ^ girls, let me tell you i sat on the fence about this bag for almost 6 months...i contemplated the groove VS this bag...and since i finally got mine, i've been using it non stop. it's comfortable on the shoulder, i love the options you have to carry it, and the leather will just make you melt!