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  1. Just watched this on Graboid and loved it! i know some others have posted ths under "last move seen" but thought it deserved its' own thread. From a review on Rotten Tomatoes:
    A well-acted piece about a man's inability to cope with a world more real than the one he lives.

    stays with you and worth seeing again.
  2. I am glad to you liked it. I want to see this
  3. heard its good.. have not sene it yet
  4. Saw it and walked out like WTH... didn't like it at all. BF and I totally agreed and had the same views on the movie.

    It looks to me like it had potential, started out good but it's as if they changed the plot.
  5. I really liked this movie!
  6. I watched it, it was watchable but not fantastic imo!
  7. I tried, but couldn't sit thorugh it. Then again, I'm not a George Clooney fan, so my dislike of him probably had a lot to do with it.
  8. good movie. watched it twice. i cannot believe what happened with his fling. what a skank
  9. I watched it and enjoyed it but I expected it to be better because my expectations were so high from all the hype.
  10. Watched it last week and loved it!
  11. I liked this right up until the end...
  12. I saw it.. It was ok.. not the ending I was expecting, however. Still a good movie.
  13. I adored this movie.. really loved it!
  14. I liked it. I liked how the big man with 'no baggage' turned out to be the one with the 'needs'.
  15. Hated it too. Maybe because I saw it after Clooney was nominated and I thought.... what did he do to deserve it! They also added that little surprise in the movie which I thought was just used to have a surprise. It didn't make sense.

    I like Clooney by the way, just not in this movie.