up in popularity?


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Feb 18, 2007
So...this is not a reveal thread, nor is it a "omg i have to have THAT thread"...its a what do YOU think is going on thread lol! :smile:

In the last couple months I have noticed a CRAZY increase in posts in the gucci subsection of tpf...AND i have seen a lot more celebs and normal people carrying gucci bags and talking about gucci bags

What do you guys think the deal is? I mean it's gotten to the point where i come on everyday and find a new thread and new user on here! and dont get me wrong i LOVE LOVE LOVE that fact (because i love love love gucci!) but i remember when weeks would go by without new posts lol!

Is gucci's popularity status going up up up again?? And what do you think is making it increase?

What do u guys think?

ps...i hope people actually respond to this, and are not disappointed because i didn't post anything new lol!


Sep 20, 2007
Bay Area, California
This is interesting. I spend most of my time on the Gucci and Louis Vuitton subsections of tpf, but have always felt that there was not enough going on in the Gucci section. I wish there were more pics and discussions here. When I post a tread in Louis Vuitton I get lots sometimes hundreds of views and replies. I have to admit Gucci is my favorite, I am "GGLOVER33" after all. I just wish this section had more to say sometimes.
i can't speak for anybody else but my interest in gucci has certainly gone up this month. i was so into lv and then chanel and dior for a while. and i must say i have yet to scratch my balenciaga itch but gucci was my first love so it's but natural to me to come back and want more guccis in the my bag closet now. :yes:


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Feb 18, 2007
see that's just the thing!! what is making people interested in gucci all of a sudden? I mean i LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but like what? is it the new collection? new campaign? updated website??

i dont know! it's confusing, because i SWORE i was done with gucci because i entered the double digits lol, and i went on to chanel and lv but they were just kinda there...i dont know! so mind baffling! lol!


May 29, 2007
I don't have any Gucci yet, but I really like some of their recent designs. Hope to add one to my collection soon.


Aug 11, 2007
JoHn'S WorLd
I agree, there is an increase just in the short time I've been a member. I didn't find TPF till Aug o7 and would spend time here and in the LV forum....but there was so little activity here. Even though Gucci is my fave, like GGLOVER said there wasn't much going on in this forum. In the LV forum it does change a lot, and often and you get many replies to your posts. I've been trying to respond to some of the posts here because I know how the new members feel. Sometimes there is no response for a couple of days or longer...
But, I agree there is more activity here now and it's exciting! Maybe we could get more stickys. No idea about the increase in celebs with Gucci, though? If it's marketing or....?


Nov 4, 2007
Well I think after the december sale the Gucci thread was extremely quiet... This place is buzzing come sale time!! Also I think the cruise collection is one of the best - better bags = more talk.

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May 15, 2007
My first :heart: is Gucci. Although I've wandered off, I always come back to my home... which of course is the Gucci forum. Like Coco said, after the winter sale, gucci was soooooo slow :tumbleweed: I try to respond to many of the threads that are opened here if I'm able to contribute my opinion or experiences. I love reading and looking at everyone's threads. Keep the pics coming guys. As far as the popularity with the brand, I'm not too sure. Maybe people want a break from their usual go-to brands and what better brand to come to then gucci!! And of course, gucci's prices are pretty awesome. Who knows, but I love seeing authentic gucci handbags. I know here in Texas... Gucci has grown very very popular. You are almost guranteed to see a sighting in public. LV, you see a few here and there. Thanks for opening this thread Luved!! :goodpost::ty:


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Oct 19, 2007
I don't know... for me it has to do with some of my other favorites bringing their factories over to china... for example, i used to love burberry, but now they make many of their plaid bags and accessories in china and i won't buy it... I feel like if i'm spending between 500 and 1000 dollars on a bag (the more expensive ones are out of my budget, to be honest), I want nice italian (french, spanish, etc.) craftsmanship and materials.

Does that mean I never buy coach, for example? Of course not... but most of my "coach" is not in the 500 range... I like their scarves, coats, shoes (the italian ones!)...

SOOO... in summation, gucci and dior are my favorites now because I feel they are timeless, good quality, and they HAVEN'T sold out to move over to china. I have always LOVED gucci and I have some great 1980s pieces from my mom, like the luggage and the doctor bags. The reason I'm a recent addition on HERE is that (a) I finished college just 2 years ago so now that I have a job I finally CAN buy purses! and (b) I just found TPF! :smile:


Jul 6, 2006
Now that you mention it, I do notice there are a lot more Gucci posts. I am usually on tPF for the Gucci forum.. I do like other brands as well like LV and Coach. Those forums are super busy so I find myself not responding as much in there. But yes, maybe because of the new Gucci store, and launching their new bags, it could be there has been a Gucci resurgence.


Sep 17, 2006
I have noticed the increase also, and I am so happy this part of the forum has become more active with Gucci threads!


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Jan 29, 2008
Cloud 9
my mom LOVES Gucci..she got me into it, but I didn't care for it until I found some bags at a consignment shop near me...and I love them! i'm still in love with LV...but i steal my mom's bags once in a while ;)


Dec 11, 2007
California or Somewhere in the Air
I'm not quite sure what it is either. I just know that I really like Gucci. Even though I am trying to expand out to other brands, I always end up looking at Gucci somehow.

Off the forums, though, I feel like I am seeing more Gucci handbags around. Even in Hong Kong, if you walk into any Gucci store, there are a ton of people there buying things.


Feb 9, 2008
yes that's because gucci is the #1 brand in the world.
"GUCCI reigns as the Most Coveted luxury brand in the world &#8211; according to Nielsen&#8217;s latest Global Luxury Brands Survey"