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  1. hey all, ive been looking for a leather messenger bag- and before i get responses, yes ive already checked LV femmes and hommes but thats not what im looking for. im not looking for a name brand bag only (wow i know right) just a simple brown leather flap messenger bag, one that looks like i dont know how to describe it but like a explorereque type of bag you know? any ideas?
  2. [​IMG]heres one i found from ralph lauren, i would like a warmer brown, but it seems okay but i cant see the other side.. i dont know, you know how you have a picture in your head, but then you try to match it up to reality and its just akgakhshpt :/
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. im looking for something slimmer, one flap, no bulging pockets, help!
  6. i'm not really sure what ur looking for but i have a few suggestions........

    i think this bag which is handmade in italy is beautiful though probably not what ur looking for ($598) [​IMG]

    this Frye bag is $395 [​IMG]

    this G-series bag probably has too much detailing but another option at $395 [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and last but not least a francesco biasia bag $335 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    hope u see something u like.....
  7. im really liking that last one! where could i purchaces something like that?
  8. Go to Nordstrom.com and search for Francesco Biasa bags, it's in there.
  9. Here's a nice one from Roots for $188
  10. [​IMG][​IMG] which do you like from these? both grab my attention
  11. I really like that Biasia.
  12. I think the Mulberry Rockley (in the men's section) is the most perfect leather messanger bag.
    pics from: www.mulberry.com, and mammab at TFS
    Mulberry rockley.jpeg mulberry-rockley.jpg
  13. i like that, but i think its too wide, im looking for a slimmer one, thanks though. see that biasia is beautiful, but it looks fancy, and i likee the roots, but i think it may be too simple, im looking for something in the middle ofthe two.