Up for a reveal anyone?? :)

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  1. Ok…. I think we all need cheering up whilst waiting for minis etc…

    So….who's up for a reveal….? :smile:))))) xx
  2. I am georgiegirl:smile:)
  3. I am!
  4. Me too!!!

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  5. I think you deserve a reveal after your postman's antics today!!

    Hope this cheers you up a little and makes you smile Chanel sister :smile: x
  6. Okay ladies, let's have some Chanel therapy…. :graucho: x
  7. So exciting! Finally a live reveal!
  8. I am soooo sure it will georgiegirl!! Let's see your new beauty my Chanel sis:biggrin:
  9. me here...

    whats next after that gorg blue patent....:graucho:
  10. This little lady went a-shopping one day…

    Over the hills and far away…

    Searching for something she had wanted a while…

    Found what she wanted and left with a smile!! hahahaha….x
  11. I know, right....What does she have up her sleeve:graucho:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: smiling is good, we like smiling:biggrin:
  13. Item number 1 of 3…. (I won't keep you in suspense on this one as I couldn't wait to unwrap it!) lol…

    My long searched for…. and just found….
  14. What, what....
  15. hahahahahaha…. sorry, my computer just crashed!! Hold on - need to reboot so it doesn't do it again! ! lololol….x