Up Close and Personal: HOT Melrose Flap!

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  1. I am stunned by this bag. For me, this made my jaw drop open when I took her out of the sleeper. I absolutely love the edginess to this classic Chanel style. I can't wait to see the Cabas style ~ it got's to be just as gorgeous.

    The color variation is amazing. I love the little white flecks in the all black sides and bottom.

  2. It is gorgeous. Congratulations.
  3. it's a little rockstar!! congrats.
  4. It's very edgy, which I totally love.
  5. Ok, I just noticed I wrote in my original post: "It got's to be...." :roflmfao:

    I just want to let everyone know I can speak properly...... :upsidedown:
  6. the little flecks look like glitter? is that glitter??
  7. On the black portions, it's little flecks of white. It's an amazing effect.
  8. How awesome!!! Did this come in JUMBO?
  9. very pretty congrats
  10. I love it! Almost looks like marble stone.

    Any modeling pics?
  11. I looove the melrose ligne. Too bad I'm really trying hard to finish off my wish list, so I don't want to tempt myself with the seasonal bags.. It's sooo cute though, I normally don't like colored bags, but I love the blue!
  12. OMG is beautiful!!!! :drool:
  13. G O R G E O U S....

    I want it now...!!
  14. gorgeous!!!
  15. It's cleaning day for me today and I am grubby! Maybe tomorrow..... :rolleyes:

    The flap Melrose came in two sizes ~ this is the larger of the two. Kind of in between large and jumbo flap.