Up Against The Wall - Northridge, CA

  1. ok gals for those who live in So Cal and close to Northridge (sorry forgot again to ask if they charge ship), this is what Up Against the Wall had today when I was there:

    BV - Adios, LAmore, Spiaggia, Paradiso (2)
    Bella - Adios (2 - on sale for $90 something), Paradiso
    Babinone - Lamore
    Bocce - sorry can't remember
    Canguro - Spiaggia and some other prints
    Dolce - Lamore and more prints

    I was pretty much in there looking for Mamma Mia's which they didn't have and this is what I could remember.

    They also have Candy Cane and Rockateer shirts size small - XL for $32
  2. i didnt know you're from around that area! my parents live about 45 minutes away from there..

    thanks for the heads up! :]
  3. are there any other stores in the LA area that sells Tokidoki? I will be in the area this weekend. I already plan on going to JapanLA, Up against the wall, lesportsac...any other suggestions? I will be in the Carson area, and the i think the willing to go down to Irvine, but no where south of that.
  4. I believe happysix sells them too
  5. I actually live about 20 mins north of Northridge near a theme/water park ;o)