Up Against the Wall (Concord/SF Bay Area/Norcal) - Tokidoki Merchandise

  1. Up Against the Wall in the Sun Valley Mall (Concord) has some Spiaggia in (Scuola, BV, Bambione, Canguro, and Dolce). They also have other styles in the Pirata and Amore print. I saw a few canguros in the citta and Cammo Playground Black print.

    On sale were the Pirata Bambino for $84.90.

    They also had some jewelry, hats, and tees ... some of them were even on sale as well.
  2. up against the wall in san diego doesnt have tokidoki :/ booo..
  3. up against the wall in the beverly center had a few items... but my bf said I'm not allowed to go up to LA again until after comic-con so I don't spend more money... they didn't have any bags tho just clothes and accessories
  4. Do you think they would do chargesend?
  5. Yay! Thanks for posting this! I'll be going up there soon. I wonder if the Concord Macys has their spiaggia in yet..
  6. sandy_b -- yes macy's in concord has quite an ample stock of spiaggia as of this afternoon.
  7. Thanks! They must have gotten their shipment either today or yesterday cuz I've been calling everyday since last week asking if they did. ha
  8. anymore bambinos?!!
  9. bubblesung - oh yes, i saw about 3 of them there.
  10. i went to concord last nite and yea, macys did have alot of spiaggias! lots of giocos, some ciao ciaos...and surprisingly enough, 4 BVs! when i got there i had 2 bvs on hold and 2 were still on display. i remember seeing a BV that had a pretty good placement of what i had in mind but i didnt exchange the one i have for that one...i dont know why! i should have brought out my bv to compare but i DIDNT! i dont know whats wrong w/ me -___- i totally regret it now. i also went to Up Against The Wall and that place is AWESOME! they had a pretty cool spiaggia bv too...ocean scene on one side, beach scene on the other :biggrin: too bad they didnt have 20% there...

    also stopped by macys in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek on the way back...they have spiaggia in too...couple of ciao ciaos...a nice campeggio, and some stellinas...a cute dolce that had just the ocean scene on the front! i was tempted to get it but it was kinda weirdly made...so i put it down =/

    so today i think im gonna try southland mall again (last time i went they had very few spiaggia items and no SA to ask if they had anymore in the back) and maybe newpark? does anyone know if Newpark Mall in Newark has any tokidoki?
  11. nice job momo.chan!