UP 2 DATE PIX OF MY Babies lol..

  1. Ok, so my collection is constantly changing. Isn't all of ours :smile:???? Here is the new pic. I have one more coming. I caved in and ordered the 226 in black metallic. Plus I am still looking for the jumbo bordeaux. Then that is it, for awhile anyway...... Orrrrr I will end up in divorce court ;)
    Funny he said to me the other day he loves handbags as much as I love baseball. So now u can imagine how much I love baseball:roflmfao: (I don"t):okay:
    pic of all bags and goodies.jpg
  2. Great bags, you have a little of everything. What a great collection :tup:
  3. Very nice!! You have a nice balance of color and style!
  4. Wow, that was fast! :nuts:

    Thanks for sharing, you have a wonderful collection, congrats!
  5. Beautiful collection! :smile:
  6. love your collection:heart:
  7. Love those bags! I really like the red classic and the pink one on the 2nd top row in the middle (I don't know the name of the style). I wouldn't know which one to wear every day because they're all so beautiful.
  8. Thanks everyone!!
  9. Your collection is gorgeous! I love the red flap and red wallet. May I asked where you purchased them? Are they from 2005? :heart:
  10. Excellent family. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Love them all! :drool:
  12. Wah!!!! Gorgeous collection!
  13. I always love seeing your 'Chanels on the stairs' photos! What a great way to see all of these beauties! Your collection is one of my faves!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  14. Is the red tote in the upper left a GST? It's so pretty! You're whole collection is TDF!!
  15. love love love the all
    great collection