UO Urban Outfitters Denim Leggings

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  1. My daughter got the H&M denim leggings...they r super thin but soooo cute on her
  2. the pair i bought last feb are no longer there, but they were bdg and decent quality, i think. thicker than normal leggings, but just as comfy. highly recommend!
  3. they're really thick and comfortable. totally recommended!
  4. do they scrunch up a lot?
  5. can they rival in the CoH slick skinnys?
  6. I also saw these on a blog. I am interested to hear reviews. They look awesome! But sometimes with "jeggings" I feel naked and they feel too thin.
  7. please provide any advice/reviews if u can!!
  8. I am 5'5" and very curvy and I just love the BDG ankle grazer. Best jeggins out there!
  9. I have these in black and love them!! I love that the inseam is 30" since I am only 5'2". They are a bit tight on my calves but all skinnys are like that on me. They didn't have the indigo denim at my store but now I want those too. Overall these are very comfortable and flattering.:tup:
  10. ^I have black, charcoal, used denim and indigo and I gotta say I wear the indigo the most! Don't know why, because black is my favorite color, but I always find myself using the indigo.
  11. Oh wow I'm glad you posted the link! I've been thinking of getting a pair but wasn't sure where to start as I haven't seen any in stores I like too much. These are really cute though!
  12. No, but I live for Urban Outfitters tights and these are probably similar quality.