Unwrapping My First Goyard!

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  1. Fabulous!!
  2. Thanks, @Layn!
  3. Beatiful and congrats
  4. A classic beauty; congratulations on this addition to your collection.
  5. Congrats!
  6. Hi, is it heavy when carried or light vs your other bags?
  7. this surely is a start to a growing Goyard collection! thank you!
  8. i would say it's rather light compared to my other satchels. would have been much nicer though if it comes with a long detachable strap for when you're on-the-go but perfection nonetheless. if i fill it up, it can get a bit heavy if carried on the arm so i switch to hand carrying.

  9. Thanks for the info! [emoji4]

  10. Oh wow you are so lucky!!! Congrats! it's beautiful
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    W-O-W!!! What an absolutely stunning bag -- such a classic yet elegant style! This is my favourite amongst all the Goyard bags! Still saving up for one in exactly same style but in GM size.

    From the thread, you mentioned, it does not come with a strap. is there an option to add a strap? I cannot quite see in the photos, it comes with lock and key in silver as well, right? Hope you can post some more photos of the inside and modelling photos too!
  12. WOW!!! Love it!! Congratulations.
  13. COngrats!
  14. Wow, really great bag! Very exciting for you.
  15. Thank you, batgirl416! I also love the fact that it has a classic style that can work well on both formal and casual days.

    As previously mentioned, mine is an MM so it doesn't come with a long strap and there really is no option to add one, unfortunately. The GM does come with a long strap though - so if that's the one you're eyeing to buy then I'm sure it'll suit you and your needs perfectly! And, yes, it comes with a lock and keys in silver.

    I haven't taken photos of the inside but will post once I do! Here's a modelling pic (if you can call it that ;)) taken yday while waiting...

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