Unwrapping and what fits: Lexington, Wapity and Popincort

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  1. [​IMG]

    Calling the number before the price hike was awesome and easy, and makes me love my postman.


    What was inside?


    A wapity and a Beige Inclusion Bracelet PM (Valentine's Gift from my man)
    [also shown is Monogram Mat Ambre small Agenda, Vernis Blue Lexington, Vernis Indigo Cles, and Popincort]

    What fits inside the Lexington

    I recently bought a great condition Blue lexington from let-trade and was a little dissapointed by how small it is.
    A small wallet could fit instead of the cles, but it is a very tiny purse.

    What fits inside the Wapity

    I love the wapity! I end up using it as a clutch a lot of days or throwing it in my laptop bag.
    Usually I switch mirror for Razr and have some cash inside as well. The inside pocket is really useful.

    What fits inside the Popincort

    and still room to spare!

    Hopefully that was helpful! Excuse me for the pictures, the sun died on me :smile:
  2. Great post - very nice!!!
  3. love your new items!
  4. Thank you :love: They only want to make me shop more, though. :amazed:
  5. Cute! Totally was very helpful. The vernis blue lexington is so cute!
  6. Thanks :shame: I am really liking the pastel Vernis colors now, I am thinking about switching out my cles for something my Spring/Summer pastel, too.

    BTW I am still in love with your Bottega clutch. If I didn't put myself on a buying haitus, I'd be waiting for mine to arrive. Are you using it a lot?
  7. Very nice! Congrats on all your new things! Cute dog!
  8. SOO cute!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I went a tried the Wapity becuase I love the style. After my ROKR phone was in there, there was no room left for anything else. So I bought the Mini Pochette Accessories with the gold chain that I could make into a wristlet or attach it inside my bag to the D ring.
  10. Thank you for the pictures! I was interested in seeing the wappity and what could fit; I am going to have to put that on my wish list.

    Also, your doggy is adorable!
  11. Thanks for sharing. I loved how you posted each pictures w/the helpful comments. Love the indigo cles and the wapity!
  12. Great pictures! I love the doggy thoughts! Someday I'm going to learn how to edit my photos....
  13. Very nice post. Great pictures, nice selection and cute dog :smile:
  14. Great pictures :nuts: Great post, too! Love the color of the Lexington (I want one!), and the Cles! :love:
  15. cute and beautiful!
    your pics are all very nicely done. :smile: good job!