Unwanted Touching...

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  1. :lol: no not THAT kind...

    Unwanted bag touching!

    Today I was in Dior and the SA just grabbed my birkin out of my hands and started modeling it in front of the mirror telling me how much shes always wanted one etc:weird: I was like OMFG!!! I dont see how anyone can think its okay to do something like that. Has this happened to anyone else?

    I told my SA what happened and he said I should have slapped her :lol: He also told me that sometimes people get really jealous and scratch bags:evil: I've never heard of that happening before, but I wouldn't doubt it...what is wrong with the world!:suspiciou :wacko:
  2. thats rude! but its a compliment in a good/bad way. the dior SA didnt express her feelings correctly. either way, i woulda snatch ur baby back and give her the look like she did something horribly wrong.. lolzzzz.
  3. I knowww! I should have, but I didn't want to seem like a real ***** since she was obviously overcome with joy or something :lol: My SA assured me that no damage was done to my birkin and that it didnt look old though hehe, I got all paranoid! Ever since my grandmother told me when too many people drive a car the car begins to get crappy.
  4. ahahahhahah....
    your grandma has a good analogy...
    you can sure put that towards alot of things in life!
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  5. :lol: you sure can!
  6. how rude!

    For one thing, she invaded your personal space, IMO. Secondly, what the heck was she doing modeling YOUR bag?! I would've been pissed too. Glad your birkin's all right!
  7. Oh that's sooo annoying that the SA at Dior just snatched your bag w/o asking, so very rude.:hrmm: I hate how sometimes people I just met jus t take my bag, when I don't even know them very well. You have every right to be protective of your new birkin, congrats again;)
  8. Sketchy, I would have had a meltdown !! That's especially bad since it's a SA, so much for professionalism !
  9. Sorry, double post !!
  10. bwahahah I totally knew what this was about before I even opened it. I was just wondering if someone else had done it today.

    I'm still surprised you didn't maul her right then and there. ;)
  11. ^^^yay you're posting more!!!! :biggrin: And I was surprised myself, but I couldnt have looked that happy! :lol: When I was at the Waikiki boutique after that I was asking my SA to make sure my birkin still looks new lol.
  12. The title of this thread just made me laugh...
  13. lol.. i was going to go over to pearl ridge & go to borders but then it got dark and rainy so now i'm just killing time at home.. catching up with tivo (yay lost!!) ;)

    truth be told i am going through this stupid chanel catalog again.. that icon wallet was so FREAKIN CUTE! and those bangles at hermes.. i'm going to max out my credit card just thinking about it. ;) after you get your agenda you should get a whole bunch of little hermes accessories to go in the bag. :biggrin:

    I need to figure out when I can spend a day down in Waikiki.. maybe when they clean up all that damn sewage :x
  14. hehe I have my agenda :love: Its the fuchsia ostrich, did you see the pics? I swear Hermes = love. The notebook I'm going to get is just plain glittery paper. I am sooo going to get a set! I picked out an Hermes watch too :lol: Just need to find a color I want it in aside from the seafoam green, my SA said that its going to be out soon :sad:
  15. Wow. That Dior SA acted totally inappropriately. If she wanted to admire the bag closer she should have asked you first.