Unwanted house guest....

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  1. My mom's girl friend came down to visit us today. She'll be here for the next 3 days.

    It was my first time meeting this lady.

    I find her, very annoying, arrogant,and conceited. She baiscly asks everyone, " Oh do you think I'm ugly? " When you really know shes fishing for a compliment out of it. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, before she came I heard she told my mom she was gonna sleep with ME. in MY bed. MY TERRIOTORY. I told my mom to PLEAAAASEEE have this lady sleep elsewhere; like my lil brothers room. I even cleaned it out FOR her to sleep in. :idea:

    But no, this lady is so confident that she freaking invited herself to sleep in MY room tonight, tommorow, and the next.:rant:

    I am pist off because I like to sleep alone, especially not with someone I hardly don't know and find annoying. I stay up late to 3 every night on PF,AIM, And I hug the phone to sleep with my boyfriend on it. And I SNORE And FART. :yucky:

    When she arrived to the house and said " I'm gonna sleep with you, where is your room?" :crybaby:

    I had no choice but to show her the freakin' way. Then, she unpacked.


    I'm going to have some major gas tonight.

  2. hahaha,goodluck putting up with her for the next three days! Hopefully she won't bug you too much.
  3. Oh honey that doesn't sound good...just say she'll be more comfortable in your lil bro's room and politely but firmly show her the way...that is just wierd.....haha about the gas!!!
  4. lol! haha...ughs. a lil too late for that. my mom DID offer her my lil bro's room earlier, but she didnt respond to it. i think shes afraid of sleeping alone or something..........
  5. Eats lots of beans and broccoli..LMAO.....you'll gas her out....:roflmfao:
  6. Can you sleep in your brother's room and kick him out, like to the couch?
  7. I think I'll just join my lil bro in his little twin bed instead. lol
  8. Oh Ticklemethou, I think that is horrible!!!! I am 21 and I don't like any one sleeping in my room! Do what Jill said eatlots, and lots of beans, maybe then she will leave your room.
  9. It would be a shame if your tossing and turning all night would keep her awake. That is just R-U-D-E! When I am a guest, my host tells me where I'm sleeping!
  10. That is totally wierd that she would even demand such a thing. I would be very creeped out and would sleep on the couch. I never heard of a complete stranger inviting themselves into another person's bed!! What nerve...

    Tell your mom it makes you uncomfortable and sleep elsewhere so that you can stay up on PF and talking to your bf:smile:
  11. dude thats soooo not kool man..man i'd be very mad..i would find all the excuses i have for her to not sleep wit me..!!
  12. eat whatever it takes to get this ***** out before the nite is over
  13. Personally, I know what you mean, I like my privacy. I think I would say oh you take my bed and I'll sleep on the sofa. You're the houseguest.
    My mom used to have a girlfriend I hated too. I used to call her the Ice Princess, basically because she never showed emotion to anyone and was always showing off her money. At my wedding reception, I remember her dress costing more than mine and she wasn't even in the wedding party.
    When I notice this I know this, you know it is bad, since I am always one to carry a designer bag.
  14. She IS a guest (albiet a pain in the ass one!) but inviting herself is just plain rude!

    Can't you stay at your boyfriend's? Is that even an option? I'd say make an appearance so she doesn't think you're avoiding her (even though you probably are) and take time to escape every once in a while.
  15. tickle how's the cosleeping going??