Unwanted Gifts On Ebay

  1. What do you guys think of 'unwanted gift' designer bags on eBay? Anybody ever bought one? I got a lovely Marc Jacobs green canvas summer bag a few months ago. It's real, authenticated etc. I won it for £15! I have now won a gold metallic Fendi Spy Bag for £100. Haven't received it yet, as seller will hang on to it till I get back from hols.
  2. Oh, and somebody is having a 'wardrobe clearout', and selling a brand new Fendi Palazzo bag, which as yet has attracted no bids...
  3. I'm skeptical with every eBay purchace, including the unwanted gift thing. Maybe especially the unwanted gift thing, because if you didn't buy it yourself, how can you know 100% that it's authentic.
  4. You cant get a fendi spy for £100
  5. Seller said she was selling bag for friend who received it from ex-boyfriend. Friend didn't want to keep bag after break-up.
  6. I've sold a couple of unwanted gifts on eBay myself, but I don't mention that in the item description. I'm always skeptical of people with stories about why they are selling. I would be very wary of a £100 Spy.
  7. If Spy bag turns out to be dodgy I'll return it and report seller to eBay. A lot of Spy bags on eBay at the mo. I'd say they're less popular there than Paddingtons. Marc Jacobs leather bags v expensive though.
  8. Oh ****, Pixiechic! I'll have to wait for two weeks before I see this bag!
  9. Why so long? Find out what the return policy is...
  10. The woman has a return policy, so that's not too bad. It's just that I'll be thinking during my holiday, 'What if a fake Fendi Spy bag is on the way?'
  11. I'm usually skeptical about "unwanted gifts", I mean, what woman in the world would ever refuse a 1000 $ bag?
    About the Spy, did you asked for authentication in the Fendi forum?
  12. i don't think there is anything wrong...i have sold things from my closet...getting rid of things i dont want anymore or just never used or it was a gift i dont want for whatever reason...sometimes people feel bad about telling the person they don't like it so they stay quit and sell it and use the $$ for something they really want.
  13. I do understand the girls that sells unwanted gifts from their ex-boyfriends. :roflmfao:
  14. Same with me. I have sold a few unwanted gifts, but I don't mention that in the listing because it just sounds fishy to me.

    When I see an auction of an "unwanted gift", or "ex-boyfriend gave me", or some kind of sob story...the warning bells go off in my head and my first instinct is to hit the back button.

    I might be missing out on some good stuff, but then again, I've never been burned on Ebay. I'll probably just continue to be overly cautious.:yes:
  15. I have seen someone selling the same "unwanted gift" many times. I looked at her feedback, and yes, there was that same unwanted Mulberry Roxanne being sold to several different people. Be very wary. Look at the feedback and not just the feedback given, but the listing itself.