"Unwanted gift"?

  1. Do you all tend to think that the term "unwanted gift" is a load of cock when you see it on an eBay auction for a Mulberry bag? I do....

    I agree a handful of bags might not be quite what the recipient wanted, but if you had a genuine Mulberry wouldn't you take it to a Mulberry shop so you could exchange it for something you did like?

    There are so many "unwanted gift" Mulberry bags on eBay but seriously, who are all these women who are being given £400+ bags which they don't like or even care enough to keep? My boyfriend knows me well enough to always get me something I liked, but even if he gave me something horrid I would keep it (or ask if he minded if I got it exchanged) rather than callously flogging it on eBay.

    Let me know what you think :confused1:
  2. I 100% agree..Always screams fake to me. To buy such an expensive gift, without some prior hint or knowledge, would be lunacy!!
  3. I'm always jealous my friends aren't more generous.;) Yes, I agree. BS
  4. Okay, my husband gave me a Mulberry once for my birthday. I ended up exchanging it and purchased an LV instead. Of course, I wish I had that bag now, and have been searching for it ever since. Needless to say I guess it does happen.
  5. I agree, it DOES happen that people receive luxurious gifts.

    What I think, is that it either means it's a fake bag, or they are looking for a "convenient" excuse to hide the true source of acquiring the bag. Like they want to hide that they purchased it on eBay because people associate eBay with mostly fakes.
  6. I'm always extra wary when the listing says "Received as a gift from a friend."
  7. ^^^ Probably would fit right in with the "I didn't KNOW it was fake" that would follow after a buyer calls them on it!
  8. Totally agree!! If it was truely unwanted then you'd try and return it, always makes me think of a scam of fake
  9. I also don't believe it when people say they have an unwanted gift. I think they use that excuse to sell a fake -- because then when they get caught, they can claim they had no idea because they received it as a gift.
  10. ^^ ITA! :yes:
  11. I purchased a Mulberry handbag that was a unwanted gift on Ebay a couple of years ago, the price was not that much cheaper than in the shops, but it was in a colour that was sold out. I therefore went ahead with the sell, the seller guaranteed it was authentic and from the picture it looked great. When it arrived it was so obvious (to me) it was a fake:nogood: (I had exactly the same bag in a different colour) the padlock and key was really cheap looking and there were quite a few little things that just were not right. If I had never own a Mulberry I would never have know. Hence in those days Ebay was nowhere nearly as bad as today for fakes so I would stay well away.
  12. What concerns me when sellers claim it was a gift is that they have an easy excuse if it turns out not to be authentic - they can claim..Well I had no idea, it was a gift.

  13. Unwanted gift = my dog ate my homework...:upsidedown:
  14. unwanted gift = fake...:p
  15. if someone close enough to spend that money on me, they prob know what i want and i dont hesitate to ask for exchange if i dont like it. so...i dont believe in that term