Unverified Address?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just received my first payment via PayPal! But it says she provided an unverified address!!! What does that mean?!! What if something happens?!! What if.....What if....I dont know, what if?! I dont even really know what it means, but unverified address kinda scares me!!!
  2. as long as it is confirmed, and the transaction page says you are covered under the seller protection policy, don't worry about it.
  3. OH NO!!!! It's NOT confirmed and I'm UNPROTECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do I do now?!!! Oh my golly...I'm panicing here!!! I've never accepted a payment before because I've never sold anything before! I didnt know anything about confirmed and unconfirmed. I just remember when I signed up for paypal that I got confirmed right away....I just assumed that's how everyone did it, and that every one WAS confirmed!! I'm so unhappy right now! I thought everything would go smoothly!
  4. I have sold to buyers with unconfirmed addresses. It just means their paypal account is not secured with a credit card or bank account. I just had someone pay with an e-check. How much did you sell the item for? Does the buyer have previous feedback? You can ask them to have their address confirmed prior to shipping. Did your listing say you only ship to confirmed addresses? You need to put that in your listing!
  5. Go into Paypal right now and under your profile edit the Payment Receiving preferences-change to block payment from buyers without a confirmed address...that prevents from happening again. I would also indicate this in your listing. If someone who is not holding a confirmed address in Paypal tries to pay for an item - Paypal wont allow it and they will have to contact you-you can then determine if this is a sale you want to continue with and change the preference again for that customer.


    If you continue with the transaction you are referring to and ship it out PLEASE insure and get signature confimation of the delivery...
  6. I just want to clarify that being confirmed or not I don't think has to do with whether they have a card on file--it has to do with whether their billing address matches the shipment address. Maybe they can't confirm an address based on bank account details, though.

    Also, if you do ship to an unconfirmed address, signature confirmation and insurance are unlikely to help you.

    Personally, I do not ship to unconfirmed addresses unless it is a cheap item (less than $50 or so, depending on the buyer). If it is for a lot of money, I would refund the buyer and ask them to confirm their address or send a MO (which is a whole other can of worms). You could possibly get in trouble for being a non-performing seller since it sounds like you didn't specify the buyer needed a confirmed address in your listing, but to me that is better than losing a lot of money.