Unveiling by Proxy ~ Graphite JPG Shoulder Birkin

  1. I have a dear friend. She saw it. She thought about it. She asked H stores across the globe about it. She then ordered it. Waited patiently for it and now she owns it! Where along the process did she start to fall in love with it, only she can come forth to say. But I think it's very early on. My friend's rather shy and I don't think she has ever done an unveiling on tPF before. But who says I can't do a song and dance for her, right?

    Presenting Graphite JPG Shoulder Birkin (in Clemence). In action with a Chameleon insert inside.


    Graphite Clemence JPG SB 1.JPG Graphite Clemence JPG SB 2.JPG Graphite Clemence JPG SB 3.JPG Graphite Clemence JPG SB 4.JPG Graphite Clemence JPG SB 5.JPG
  2. What a gorgeous bag! Your friend has wonderful taste! I think it is perfectly acceptable to be doing a little happy dance for your friend on tpf!

    Graphite is really growing on me as a color....
  3. I think she does! Looking at her bag makes me want another Shoulder Birkin! And make me doubt my own choice of colour in Rouge Garance. :lol:

    And Graphite is so lovely. It's a dark grey. A perfect alternative to black.
  4. Mrs S, Congratulate your friend for me, beautiful color choice!
  5. she's a beauty; love the color as well. congrats to your dear friend!!
  6. Absolutely Magnificent!!!!!! Congratulations!!! MrsS ~ What A Sweet, Sweet Friend You Always Are!!!!!
  7. medusa, I hope she has the time to pop in to tPF to see this thread for herself, and read all the congratulatory messages to her!
  8. mrssparkles, are you going to out her for us?!!
  9. It's a great alternative to black. Congrats to your friend!

  10. G O R G E O U S !!! congrats to the lucky lady:yahoo:
  11. I won't do it! Dont' force me! j/k. I am leaving it to her to reveal herself if she wants to. That way, she can make a choice. :flowers: She's a H fan. Through and through.
  12. Mrs S Graphite is so beautiful, where can we find more pictures of graphite in all leathers, you can do an ode to graphite here....:yes:
  13. Wonderful...beautiful bag!
  14. Great idea! Would do so once the "Search" function returns. (it's currently disabled)
  15. I :heart::heart::heart: Graphite!! Good choice!