Unusual Ring Size

  1. I have been dying to get one of those exotic Chanel rings, I also love David Yurman and Charriol...I can't find rings my size...:cry: that's why I don't wear rings at all! I'm watching a Chanel ring on Ebay, I love it, I'm dying to get it! Can I buy it and have it fixed by an expert? Is it going to look the same? Please help. My ring size is 4.5 or 5. :sad: ...The ring I'm watching on Ebay is size 6.5.:crybaby:
  2. The simple answer is yes. You can have a ring resized but you need to go to someone who is knowledgeable about it and trustworthy.

    I've also been reading lately about this spray or gel (not sure exactly what it is, haven't seen/used it myself) that you can place on the inside of a ring to make it fit smaller fingers. Good luck!!
  3. Most rings can be re-sized, but some, particularly those with more elaborate hoops, cannot be re-sized without ruining the integrity of the design.

    You should employ a reliable, competent jeweller. Ask them not to stretch or roll the ring (unless it is a plain wedding band); instead, carefully matched gold or platinum should be applied to provide a 'seamless' finish.
  4. I hear your frustration...I wear a 5-5.5 and whenever I see a ring that I like (in a store) it has to be resized because they are always too big. Going down 1-2 sizes should not be a problem at all, good luck!
  5. Hello, I thought only I was cursed with those damned skinny fingers. Would that the rest of me had the same problems:rolleyes:

    So, here's what I've discovered about the lovely size of 4 1/2. So long as there's nothing going on on the palm side of the ring a good jeweler can make a ring smaller invisibly. Apparently platinum by it's nature is more difficult, in that it requires a higher heat, but my jeweler has a laser gizmo that does the trick stylishly and in 20 minutes. You gotta love that. (If you're in Houston, I can give you his name.)

    Cartier Trinity rings, Tiffany etoile, and eternity bands with diamonds all the way around--They're a no go. Got to order the correct size, but otherwise, pretty much, it's all systems go. Good luck,
  6. I have the same problem, I wear a 4.25 ring size and a lot of jewlers are reluctant to size them for me.

  7. So sorry, I was in too much of a hurry (and obviously wasn't thinking straight!) and copied and pasted the wrong bit of text from the information page of my website. :rolleyes: :Push:

    Obviously, the part about rolling/stretching/adding gold/platinum is irrelevant if you are resizing the ring downwards! :lol:

    What I said about employing a reliable jeweller and certain rings being impossible to resize without ruining the integrity of the design holds true, though. :yes:
  8. Yes, you can get it re-size so if you like it then get it :yes: :smile:
  9. You can resize, I'm a 4.5 also and have had many rings resized over the years. I usually buy a 5 and have it sized down.
  10. Huh, my ring size is 3.75...Imagine what I'm going through :sad:
  11. Wow lucywife - that is tiny!

    If you like funky fun rings I make them with wire (sterling silver, fine silver, gold filled, brass, or copper) and can make them with any size. I have quite a few size 5 and 4 for some reason - I tend to make smaller rings.

    Of course, these aren't 'cartier' or 'tiffany' but they are fun - and way less expensive. lol Plus they're custom so each one is different.

    A few examples...
    P6100057.JPG CastoCreations_BUST2_LapisRing.JPG P3100048a.JPG P3100046.JPG
  12. I'm a 5-5 1/2 on my LEFT and and a 5 1/2- 6 on my RIGHT hand (that's a treat!) I believe the standard size is a 6 (FINALLY something I'm smaller than average on--besides height!). You can sometimes find a 5 in-stores (Tiffany does, in fact carry a 5) anything smaller and you have to size down.

    It isn't too tricky and I've had it done a few times...nothing with a design all the way around it--so I'm no help there!

    Good luck!
  13. Before I had kids, I wore a 4.25 and never had a problem getting rings sized.