Unusual pets anyone??

  1. I did a search but didn't see a thread for it (please direct me if there is one)

    I was wondering if anyone had any unusual pets

    I know we have a skunk & a pig amongst TPFers anything else?? ooh pics if you have them

    Mr Label Addict used to have a pet lobster ( I know don't ask I have no idea!!) before we met he also had sharks and a lion fish but right now we don't have anything.
  2. I have a chinchilla. Not super unusual but exotic & super cute!
  3. Ohhhh I've always wanted to have a skunk, or a racoon!! Sooo cute :heart: I'd love to hear more about having those as pets :yes::nuts:
  4. MEE TOO!!! :smile:
  5. ^I have one too!! See my avitar. He's such a sweet animal.
  6. Hi! I have noticed your avatar before!:yes: How nice! Mine is a girl. She is rougly a little over a year old. My DH surprised me w/ her last year for my b-day. I grew up w/ every animal imaginable, worked for 3 years at a veterinary hospital & at barns (horses) across Massachusetts growing up. I would always see Chins & think what "cutie pies". So... DH got me one!

    Her name is "Bunny". Yes, I know a chin named Bunny.:p She's a doll & very intelligent. I have had guinea pigs, ferrets & currently have a hamster as well but I find Chins to be (don't tell the others) the smartest of that rodent bunch.

    We love her to pieces & even my 80lb pit bull has a definite relationship w/ her. We joke that she has a crush on him!

    How old is yours & whats his name?
  7. Tell us more! Name, gender, age???? Chins are GREAT!:woohoo:
  8. I don't have a chin but have always wanted one. A lady in the office complex of my last job had a chin she brought with her every day to work. She carried him in a soft little crate-like bag and he just hung out in her office. He was so mellow. My coworkers and I would visit him all the time. We tried to talk our boss into getting us one as an office pet but he never did.
  9. My best friend's husband bought a massive fish tank, and my friend and I talked excitedly for a week about all the cool tropical fish they could have in it. We came back to her place after shopping one day to discover it filled with two trout, with some logs from the local creek. Not quite the pets that my friend was thinking of! Sorry, just had to share that because I still find it funny. :p

    We had mice when I was growing up and they were really cute, if not rather smelly!
  10. masslaw - Cashew is about 1 yr old. He is very social. As soon as we go into the room with his cage, he comes to the door and wants out. He loves being scratched under his chin and ears. I don't let my dogs near him. They want to chase him.

    kirstin - I thought my chin was mellow but your coworkers sounds like the mellowest I've ever heard of. Mine likes to be held for a minute then wants to jump around.
  11. Martin and I used to have Steppe-Lemmings before my grandpa "stole" them from us :nuts: :p

    When we moved across Germany 2 years ago we "parked" the tank with the couple at my grandparents so it wouldn't be so stressfull for the little fellows and we planned to pick them up again as soon as we would have settled in again. We had a guy and a girl lemming and while they were at my grandparents of course the had babies. My grandpa was absolutely in love and always found reasons to keep them longer at his place (ala "you still have lots of hammering to do", "are you sure you don't have to move that furniture around anymore") ... we then decided to let him keep them. they really has grown on him: he's talking to them constantly, carrying the little boy around in his shirt pocket, etc ... super cute ... I'll see whether I can find pictures of them.

    I actually wanted to get Chins before I found the Lemmings. A friend of mine used to breed them. Amazing animals. I love them!
  12. Wow, where does one get a pet skunk or raccoon? Both are adorable animals!!! Do any of you have cats, also, that play well with these exotic creatures?
  13. My friend has two crabs in her living room!
    Oh and i have a pug, they are aliens!
  14. I have a sulcata tortoise named Joe.
  15. We have two fire bellied toads, Toby and Tina. They are my daughters pets but of course I am the one that takes care of them. They are mildy toxic to humans in that they will give you a rash if you touch them and then don't wash your hands. Other than that, they are easy pets and are fun to watch. I feed them mealworms and crickets, and they sing and make cute noises.