unusual new treesje

  1. I'm too late but will join in anyway...yea, it's called the Sweetie satchel. I could have paid $107 + HST yesterday for the Blush Metallic one but my BFF suggested I pass. Now, if it were this colour, Royal or Chocolate I would have snatched it up for sure! It would not have made it to total clearance price in Royal or Chocolate though.

    Treesje sweetie 1.jpg

    Treesje sweetie 2.jpg


    I'm still thinking about it though...it's such a bargain at $107!
  2. That is a great deal..I love this satchel..Very pretty and feminine.
  3. She's a beauty!!
  4. Do you both think this is a pretty bag in Blush Metallic? From a distance, she definitely looks feminine but up close, the crackle paint doesn't grab me so much. I'd have gone for it in chocolate or royal but the Blush Metallic made me stall, hmmm? Oh well, maybe she is still there? I will have to check to see if it was meant to be, hmmm?
  5. ^ Not a fan of that color, TBH. I think the style is super cute though.

  6. I think if you don't love her then its not meant to be..It is a good deal but I agree I would love it in Royal.
  7. Ok, I should have known that BFF could only be steering me right! Yea, even at $107, I can put that towards a bag I totally love (right colour & style). Lord only knows, my wish list is pretty darn long.