Unusual Monuments !!!

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  2. Here's a fountain from Nuremburg, Germany :smile: ...I took this picture last year while on a shopping trip!

  3. Wow, kinda interesting
  4. ^That's lovely!:wtf: heehee
  5. LOL - :roflmfao: in New Zealand, we have a GIANT carrot (yes the vegetable) down South - near the snow fields, a GIANT soft drink (pop/soda) bottle up in Paeora, a GIANT trout down in the South Island... hmmm, i should do a google and find these pics.... hmmm, not too sure if you'd call them Monuments but they're pretty funny - but cool in their own special way!
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    The girl jumping looks like Paris Hilton!
  7. [​IMG] This is a replica, but I've seen this in St. Maarten. (Apparently, there are copies of these in many different countries!)

    In 2000, Rhode Island named Mr. Potato Head as their "official family travel ambassador." To show how fun a place Rhode Island is to visit, dozens of Mr. Potato Head sculptures were installed all over Rhode Island. (Right now they're gone. I think they've been auctioned off to collectors.)

    These are my favorites:

    These are the Providence Potato Heads.

    Here's the link showing all of them: Mr. Potato Head Statues of Rhode Island