Unusual Fendi Spy sighting today at Denver NM

  1. to all Spy fans looking for something unusual, I saw a pretty funky one today at the NM in Denver. It was made of about 2" strips of different colored shearling leather sewn together, with the shearling fur tufts sticking out at the seam lines. Never seen a picture of it, and I don't always like a Spy just because it's unusual. But this one was pretty damn cute! probably costs a fortune. The colors were soft and light colors (don't remember them:cursing: , but I'll go back tomorrow and snap a photo:idea: ), not dark or wintery looking.
  2. ^^Oo I would love to see a pic of it!! I can't picture this one you are talking about. I don't think i've ever seen it. :sad:
  3. Ok, got another look today, although still forgot to take pic with my camera. dang!
    Probably not as wide as 2" strips, but the colors of the shearling strips are a dark camel/honey color, a soft pink, and a dark pinkish/purple. Very unusual.:nuts:
  4. I'd love to see a picture of that bag. Sounds very interesting.