Unusual Baby Cabas Sighting

  1. Did the baby coco cabas ever come in bright shiney silver? I had a customer yesterday who was carrying one......i couldnt tell if it was fake or not. It looked somehow even smaller than the baby, but maybe it was my eyes. I complimented her on it (whatever it was, it was cute) and asked where she got it. There was a brief hesitation and then she said from a friend in Texas ----- what do you think???
    (hey, maybe the friend got it at NM there :wtf: :p )
  2. I just remember seeing it in that dark silver..........she got it from a friend in Texas? Hmmmm, sounds suspicious...probably fake.
  3. There were 2 bright metallic baby cabas in gold and silver from the 2007 cruise collection...
  4. You must look at a lot of bags during the day! How do you concentrate on your work? :lol:

    The "from a friend in Texas" sounds a bit odd, but maybe she has a very, rich friend.... If this customer was a tall, large boned woman, the bag might just have looked smaller on her. :shrugs:
  5. LOL Jayne..i work retail fashion..............so seeing customers with killer bags is common and actually commenting on the bags is one of my many sales approaches LOL

    i know there were bright gold and silver Cabas but they were huge....not baby..................and had the ribbon part around the top saying "Chanel" and no CC charm