Unused Ted Baker bag ruined in the closet - HELP!

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  1. So, I got this Ted Baker shopping bag in 2014. I only used it once or twice and then put it in my closet and totally forgot about it. It was stored next to other bags in a clean, closed box and was not folded. All the other bags in the box are perfectly fine.

    Has anyone any idea WTH has happened to this poor bag and is there any way that it could be restored?! The dark spots are somehow UNDER the coating of the bag and cannot be wiped away. :confused1:

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  2. looks like a patent bag? if so, it has color transfer and that is not able to ever be repaired. patent bags pick up any colors from bags and objects next to them. was it completely alone in the box or was it stored with something else?
  3. It's actually PVC, as Ted Baker's bags are usually made out of PVC, at least the ones I've seen at Nordstrom, anyway. And since the dark spots are under the coating, there is nothing the OP can do to fix it.

    I suggest keeping the bag out of the box and have it sit on a shelf in your closet next time. Sorry, OP. Maybe you can try calling Ted Baker's Customer Service and see if there's anything they can do to fix it?
  4. Thank you for your answers! The bag is made out of PVC and was stored in a roomy box with some other bags, small clutches mostly. I don't think this has anything to do with color transfer. I might try to send an email to their customer service but I have no high hopes as the bag was bought two years ago. :nogood:

    Oh well.. At least the bag was not an expensive one and I wasn't even using it so this isn't such a big loss. It is just a pity that such a pretty bag was ruined for no apparent reason. :sad:
  5. pvc and patent are basically the same. they are a polyurethane material that will absorb colors from other items. if you had it in the box with other bags or other dustbags then whatever was sitting directly on top of it, or underneath it would be the culprit. hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like a blue or black item. it's ruined in any case - pvc/patent cannot be redyed or restored b/c the material cannot retake color. that type of damage is forever. next time, store a pvc or patent item completely alone in it's own cloth dustbag and away from heat sources or any other clothing/bags/plastic. the good thing is that unless it's a luxury designer, then patent and pvc are fairly inexpensive, but it still hurts. sorry :nogood:
  6. Hi, have you tried wiping the bag with cloth dapped with some warm water? It could simply be some mould on the surface of the bag.
  7. I don't know how to explain this but I think that those dark spots are under the surface of the bag. I know that it sounds weird! I even asked my husband to look at the bag in daylight and he agreed with me.

    I tried to wipe the bag and even tried an eraser - no difference. I also emailed Ted Baker customer service and they could not help me as the bag was not bought from their site.

    Is it possible that color transfer could get through the surface and form under the coating without leaving a trace to the surface?! It just seems so odd.. :-s
  8. I have had this on leather payent bags from coach 2 identical ones both suffered - i gave them away & decided to stick with dark patent leathers only - i still hv one in white from marni and that gets stored in its bag n away from nearly everything!

    Ps yes its tyically permanent
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