unused/new= scratches on snap? -long, sorry

  1. i bought a 'new' piece on ebay- i was going to buy it through elux, but i figured, hey, save some $ and put it towards another item. the photos on ebay were great. it was described as unused. WHen i received the item, it was in new condition and it was authentic- however, the snap on the outside has scratches- only a couple- one more significant than the other- but def. there. if i were buying this as a gift, as i thought i might, i could NOT give it as new. SO- the seller has not been great in getting back to me. she said her pitcures were evidence and that the agenda has never been used. which does not help the fact that i have it, and the snap has scratches, albeit minor ones. please advise.
  2. Hmm. Well, are you actually planning to give it away? If not and the scratches don't bother you too much I would just take that as your savings!?! It will get scratched eventually anyway. For me personally the only thing that would be any issue for me is it's authenticity and you already confirmed that so it was a small price to pay for a nice discount on an almost brand new LV!?! JMO
  3. good points, syntagma! thank you!
  4. Ya...I guess it depends on how picky you are. If you really don't want it you can file a claim with paypal as significantly not as described and you'll get your money back (minus shipping)
    I recently had this happen with a cherry blossom piece....she didn't disclose some flaws and I got my money back.
  5. does it cover the return shipping? i would guess not since it didn't cover the purchase shipping. my issue is, i would have bought a used one at a significant discount, but i wanted a new one. since the new one had a slight discount, i said why not, since i thought it was completely new.
  6. I agree :yes: Whatever I buy on eBay and there are flaws, I just remind myself that I'm already saving $$$ and my carelessness would somehow mark the bag in the future, anyway!
  7. ITA! Something like that could easily get scratched just in the store.
  8. baby: unfortunately you'll be out the original shipping plus the return shipping.

    In my case the rubbing off of cherry blossoms was to me a major flaw that wasn't disclosed...and significantly decreases the value of that bag.

    With the scratches on your lock I guess it would depend on how much you saved....whether it's worth the hassle to return it. The clasp/button would've ended up getting scratched in the long run.
    Tough call!
  9. thanks twiggers & tpfers- you are absolutely right. i bought the coach day on a page calendar to use with it. i am going to put it in now!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  10. YAY!!!! If you get a chance definitely post pics and share! We all love staring at fellow tPFers great finds!
  11. For me, I would be slightly annoyed that I wasn't been told of the scratches. It deserved to be mentioned as when it is listed as brand new, most people would assume that it's completely flawless.

    Anyway, whether will I return the item or not would depend on whether the part where the flaws are is replaceable. Is the snap replaceable? I would definitely return the rub-off cherry blossom pouch like twiggers as it would bother me too much knowing that the flaws are so visible and I would not be able to fix anyway.
  12. i had bought a brand new agenda from LV @ Saks.......years and years ago. and there were a few scratches on outside snap....i was really picky and bothered by it....:crybaby: but i got over it, it was nothing that i was losing sleep over, but it was a HUGE deal then!! i was younger and had to work so hard to save up for it!!

    you'll get over it too! enjoy your purchase!:flowers: :heart:
  13. I am the same way. I notice in a good portion of my ebay experience, I have had this problem of sellers not accurately describing their items. It is a matter of principle to honestly disclose the condition of the item!

    I recently bought something that was described as "EXCELLENT, like-new condition, barely even used, no flaws, scratches, flaking, dirty marks whatsoever inside or out guaranteed, has not even begun to patina yet! and includes original reciept and tags" I was very disappointed when I recieved the item without the reciept, and the wrong tags (tags were for a compeltely different item!). On top of that, the relatively small item was definitely dirty and had at least 6 dirty spots/stains and the vachetta was not light like new. It had patined. I was very upset. Long story short. Seller refused to give partial refund of a small amount, was rude, and compeltely denied my description of what I recieved despite the fact that I took great very detailed and clear pictures with my camera to show her. I ended up leaving it as is as I do not want neg. feedback and tried my best to clean the item! Now, I am just glad item is authentic!!!

    Via paypal dispute you would lose out on shipping so if you intend to keep the item, ask for a partial refund and hope she is a decent person and will give you one. If not, at least it is just scratches and look on the bright side that it is authentic, not used, and not dirty. :flowers:
  15. I know what you mean, I recently won a mono mat french wallet and was told that it was in very good condition, no scratches etc.. but when I received it, there were 2 scrathes on the change purse secton on the outside.. looks like keys had gotten rubbed on it or it had fallen on the floor and dragged a bit.. the marks arent big, but they're there nonetheless.. it kinda got me a bit po'ed, but oh well.. I wanted to keep the item since it's so hard to come by, and the price wasnt that awful.. so I just let it go.