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  1. Hello fellow TPFers!

    This has been on my mind awhile now and I didn't find a topic for it so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone else is like me!

    So of course, like most of you here, I love handbags. However, I only have about 5 that's considered "Premier Designer" (Celine, Fendi, Balenciaga, Gucci, and LV), 1 that's a Contemporary Designer (Philip Lim), and a handful of randoms such as MMK and Tory Burch.

    My question is, does anyone never use their "Premier Designers" and just reach for the less expensive brands everytime? Let me tell you, I love the handbags that I have, but I always get too lazy to carry them! They're all just sitting in the cabinet waiting to see the light of day whilst I'm always alternating between using my two MMK crossbodies. I would love to use the others more but I either feel like it won't match my outfit (I'm usually too lazy to dress up), it'll be such a hassel to carry, or it'll get dirty too easily! I feel like I put out too much money for them to just be sitting in a cabinet all the time. However, parting with them is not an option.

    Is there anyone like me? Any tips on how to get more use out of the bags?

    The main factor for me is probably laziness in putting an effort into what I wear on a daily basis. Any tips on having the motivation to dress nice everyday?

    TIA! [emoji854]
  2. I don't dress nice everyday.
    My designer bags don't seem to notice.
    They wander along, holding tissues & lip balm.
    Even when I wear faded jeans & hoodies.
    My life, my bags, my way.

    I use them by filling them with junk & walking out the door. No big epic. :ok:
  3. Yes. Get rid off the cheaper bags, all of them, so you would have no alternative but to enjoy your designer collection. If the bag get dirty it get dirty. Its life.
    Yes. Take a picture of the outfit or two for each bag and have it in your comp in a special folder. Look at these pictures and get inspired. You won't need to spend time to create an outfit everytime you want to use them. You are not lazy, you are efficient and practical. Luxury and practicality are not best friends.
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  4. I use my bags, I don't dress up for them - just carry them with whatever. Use yours - it's important to enjoy them!
  5. I use mine everywhere! That's why I bought them! I don't feel like I need to dress up to carry any of my bags. They seem to work with everything I own so it's never a question of whether it works or not with an outfit.
  6. I can relate as I used to do the same. Within a couple of years it's the reverse and I now carry mostly my premier designer bags. I still use my contemporary or "beater" bags but only when the weather is really bad or if I'm going some place where a designer bag is inappropriate to carry.
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  7. Double post.
  8. #8 Jun 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
    I have always used any of my bags whenever I like. Regardless of brand name or cost and regardless of what I'm wearing. I've never been one to keep them in a dustbag unused because they were expensive, I bought them because I liked them and wanted to use them.
    I do have a bunch of bags that go unused because I'm over them but they have no resale value. So while I spent alot on them I won't get anything back to make them worth selling.
  9. Love this! And totally agree! I wear mine no matter what I am wearing. It is too hard for me to coordinate my outfits with my bags. It is way too much work. Granted, I only have one premier designer, but same thing. I love all my bags and use the same one for a while, then change to another. To whichever one I feel at the time.
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  10. Oh honey. You don't have to dress up nicely to justify carrying your bags! I wear my bags with gym clothes half the time. That's why I bought them - they are functional and attractive no matter what I'm wearing. In fact, they make me feel more pulled-together ESPECIALLY on the days I'm not putting much effort into my clothes and hair and so forth. I don't know which specific bags you have, but I find that especially LV and Balenciaga are casual, easy-to-wear brands that don't require a lot of dressing up and go with pretty much everything. Take those babies down and enjoy them! I love my bags even more once some of the mystique has worn off and they just feel like casual, throw-around bags to me.
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  11. I am lazy and can't be bothered to change bags so tend to stick with neutrals. I will be forced into changing it if it clashes with an outfit.

    Maybe you could post some pics of the bags you aren't using and we could all give you some ideas for outfits seeing as the forum is still a bit quiet.
  12. Nice bags, like nice shoes, need to be used! I try to wear my nice bags daily, unless there is bad weather. I agree with others that once the "new-ness" wears off and there are some dings here and there it gets easier to wear around without as much worry.
  13. I agree with all the posts encouraging people to use their nice bags, but I too have a hard time doing this - somehow I feel like I can't pull off the bag as stylishly as some, even if they are wearing casual clothing too. I think I need to boost my self-confidence about designer bags!
  14. Yes! Try to forget that it is a "designer" bag and just think of it as a purse that you really like. That's all it is, ultimately! You own the bag; it doesn't own you. The more you carry it without feeling like you have to look a certain way with it, the more you'll feel that way - that it's YOUR bag that you wear with whatever you want. :flowers:
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  15. If you can work out why you're not carrying them I think you can tackle the problem.

    If it's really because you don't like the look with casual clothes and can't be bothered to dress-up maybe dress in 'nicer' clothes 2 days a week. Honestly. it doesn't take any longer to dress in 'best' clothes than jeans and a top if you have your outfit already out.

    If it's because you don't like the thought of them getting dirty. Take out the darker ones until you feel braver, carry a plastic bag inside incase of rain or whatever makes you feel in control. Bags just sitting in your wardrobe can often suffer from being just being stored too long.

    If they're too much hassle to carry. Carry a foldable shopper when using one, an extra bag to carry bottle of water/umbrella, use SLGs for easier organisation or buy a smaller wallet etc, whatever solves the real problem.

    Most of all, tell yourself they're bags and part of their beauty is their usefulness :yes:

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