untraditional wedding rings

  1. I have been thinking about what sort of rings I would want and realized the traditional diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band is not for me. My bf and I already own a house and will not have a big wedding (getting married on a trip and a party when we get back) when we do it, so we wont really have a formal engagement. I would actually be fine with one great ring and not a separate engagement ring also.
    In addition
    -I wear both gold and silver/platinum jewelry so I am not sure which to choose
    -If I got a center stone I wouldnt want a diamond (probably emerald)
    -I would like something cool and stylish, but timeless

    These are a few that I liked online:





    Has anyone gone the untraditional route? Can you post pics?
  2. y not look into antique jewelry, or jewelry that has an antique feel. check out charriol...they make some really nice classic looking styles.
  3. I love those rings. Twist has the coolest jewelry -- I happened to be drooling over those rings last night on their website. Go for it.
  4. Oh my, those are all such beautiful rings! I love Emeralds, the only problem is that they are rather soft stones so they may not stand up to daily wear. Tsavorites are a nice substitute. Have you checked out Pricescope? They have a colored stone engagement ring thread and some of those rings are killer!
  5. I love the Cathy Waterman designs. I'm not married, so maybe I shoudn't chime in, but I love the look of a great diamond band instead of a traditional solitaire. Plus most of my married friends stop wearing their solitaires when they have kids. Not sure why, but they seem to fear losing the stone etc. You have some amazing choices.
  6. I think all the rings you've chosen are fabulous! However, the only one I see that I'd consider non-traditional is the last one. I especially like the second one, the Cathy Waterman Murder ring. It has a lacy effect that's just gorgeous. And I think a ring that's truly non-traditional may not look like a wedding ring at all, just an ordinary ring worn on the left hand.
  7. Thanks. I really like these rings, and while not totally untraditional are different that the standard diamond engagement ring with matching band.

    I was engaged (called off the wedding) before and had a ring which would be ideal for many people-2 carat diamond and platinum ring, but totally didnt feel like me. this time aroud I want it to reflect my personal style more.

    I really like the idea of one cool ring, rather than a separate engagement ring. I also noticed many friends who only wear their engagement rings when dressing up.
    I need to see them in person, because I really like them all! Luckily I have awhile to make the choice-we are in no rush.
  8. I love those CW rings - the two eternity type really stand out to me. If I had the cash, I'd buy them in a heartbeat for myself. A friend of mine just got engaged and doesn't plan on getting a wedding band because her ering is absolutely perfect on its own (its a wide diamond band with a square aquamarine stone in the center).
  9. I really love the first two you have posted.
  10. Have you ever tried diamond solitaire rings .These are the most beautiful rings and are in popular styles including basket diamond engagement rings, trellis diamond engagement rings, cathedral diamond engagement rings, bezel set diamond engagement rings and of course the Tiffany classic diamond solitaire rings .Try out these .....
  11. One of my co-workers went the untraditional route. Her ring is a platinum band, etched with flowers the entire way.

    The ring looks almost identical to this, but with diamonds in the middle of each flower:


    I love the Cathy Waterman styles you've posted. Have you considered Me & Ro as well? They made a diamond jewelry/engagement line that seems more funky too.

    Good luck!
  12. My husband and I went the one ring route. We owned a home and had been together so long it seemed silly to buy an engagement ring. I am so anti-diamond, but that is topic for another thread.
    We got a custom made titanium bands, which are great. I am a chef so my hands take a beating and my ring has stood up.
    Why not get something done custom? Then it would be totally unique to you.
  13. ive thought about a ruby heart shape solitare as my engagement ring. i want some sort of solitare and a heart is very un common.
  14. I had seriously considered the Tiffany Signature Ring (white gold band topped with diamond set in a "kiss X") for my wedding ring but ended up with a plain comfort band instead to match the e-ring.

    Also like the Tiffany Atlas Ring.... beautiful standalone rings
  15. First of all, I love the Tiffany signature ring! I love their catchphrase too: "everybody needs a signature"...

    Shyloo, where did you get your titanium rings from? Do they become dingy or dull over time? I am considering one for my FI's band because he is not used to wearing rings & would be rough with it. Plus I might get one for myself in addition to my wedding band to match him & use for travel/work. I was going to go with titaniumera.com....