unsure what to do with non-us-verified buyer

Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
i just sold a marc by marc jacobs 'i love you' pendant necklace. i have it under my paypal seller settings not to accept payments from unconfirmed addresses. the buyer is from new zealand and if i send it, i wouldnt be protected with the seller protection policy (not that it seems to matter from the other ebay posts here).

i was wondering, should i send it? this is my first time experiencing something like that and i have no idea what to do. basically the buyer is a non-us-verified buyer and also has an unconfirmed address.

what would you guys do if you were in my shoes? send it or not? obviously if i dont send it i would issue a refund.


Jul 15, 2006
in nz he can't have a confirmed address so it doesn't really mean anything that the address isn't confirmed. i'd look at her feedback and decide what to do based on that, but if you didn't say anything in your listing about confirmed addresses she might get annoyed (and quite rightly so imo) if you back out.

your options are really:

1: if her feedback is good and the selling price isn't that high i'd go ahead and send it to her like with anyone else.
2: if her feedback is iffy/the selling price was high, ask her to pay by wire/wu and then send it to whatever address she provides, she can't do a charge-back anyway.
3: don't complete the transaction (but be prepared for her to neg you).

if do you send it use a trackable service for your own peace of mind no matter what. it'll probably be fine, the vast majority of sales do work out, we just like to post about the ones that don't ;)
Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
thanks so much!

yea, i wasnt sure if new zealand even had confirmed addresses. the buyer so far only has two feedback but its been both positive. the selling price was only 20 bucks. i sent it express international so i've got a tracking number -- buyer paid for that service -- and it was also insured.

im sorry im just terrified of an auction gone wrong since it seems to be happening a lot lately. i thought itd be better safe than sorry and ask others for their opinion. thanks for your help!