Unsure...resell Speedy for an Alma?

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  1. Hi all...quandary. I have lv speedy bandoulier in sz 30 and I've hardly used it in the 6 months I've owned it. It was a gift. I have other lv as well, i adore my vtg lv ellipse shopper for example but that's my first speedy...I thought I'd adore it but I hardly use it...it's very floppy. Anyway I'm considering reselling it and putting the funds towards a Alma Bb or Pm...it's think I'd use it more. I have a cheapo D&B orange pebble leather Bitsy Bag I got in may just schlep around with in summer and I'm using it 90% of the time as its smaller and fits what I drag with me...so I think an Alma would suit me. Any thoughts? I don't want to upset the relative that gave me the speedy though...I know they will notice. Sigh...
  2. If you rarely use the speedy seems silly to keep it....would the relative be upset if you sold it? Does she notice that you haven't used it lately? The alma bb and pm are more structured and more like your ellipse shopper that you like and use...
  3. The first question is why didn't you use your Speedy? I ask so that you try not to repeat the same mistake. I just sold my Speedy B 25 as I couldn't stand the small opening and size of the bag. On the other hand, my one bag that they'll have to pry out of my cold, dead hands is my Vernis Alma. It's absolutely divine and always makes a statement. Sell that Speedy, you can't go wrong with the Alma!
  4. If you're having difficulties with the Speedy because of its tendency to sag then there's always options like a base shaper or an organizer (Samorga makes awesome ones) that will help the bag hold its structure like the hard canvas designs (Alma and the Ellipse). I've used both in my 30 since I don't like the sag either and they work like a charm! If you're still uncertain then discuss your situation with your relative; most likely they'll be supportive and want to see you enjoy your bag but it could be perceived as rude if you didn't ask first.
    Like anything else that troubles us it's best to sleep on the situation for a day or two and then make a decision once you've had the chance to see it from a new perspective.
  5. I love the alma bb. If you like structured and small then YES go for it.
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  6. Just an update. My main issue with the speedy is the naked vachetta...I'm so paranoid i.ll ruin the leather I can't enjoy it. I'm anal about my bags...another is the floppyness...I love vtg lv because it's already patina..no worries...I ended up selling it to a consignment shop and while I was there a woman had the same lv...no strap...just straight speedy sz 30 and in damier ebene. The consignee bought my bag + another bag and then I got that bag...the woman had all paperwork. Box. Bag. Everything...it was new but she said it was too "dark " for her tastes...I'm loving the muted down ebene print and I bought a base shaper too. Now I can go out with it or take it to dinner and not be paranoid. With what remained of $$ I got a Alexander Wang mini Rockie..lol. I'm going to save up for a very nice Alma for late summer/early fall. Thanks all for your replies