Unsure. Not happy.

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  1. OK, so I bought this Chanel jumbo bag from the eBay seller "personalshoppers." She has 1300-something, 100-percent positive feedbacks AND she had a bag I couldn't find at my local Saks.

    Now, the bag is allegedly brand new. And it really does all seem to check out and looks like other bags I got directly from Chanel —the sticker on the box, the auth card and the sticker in the bag all match. The bag is brand new. It is lambskin leather; it smells right, feels right and looks right, down to the very last stitch. I have always been able to tell a fake in the past.


    Something concerns me about this Chanel so much that I can't relax about it and I feel weird carrying it. The chain-and-leather strap is different from all Chanel bags I've ever owned. It's not one long continuous piece of leather, but seemingly three pieces of leather GLUED together, overlapping. I don't think Chanel uses glue on its straps. There is a glue residue, so I know it's glue.

    I paid $2,299 for this bag. Help! Please tell me this bag is real ... maybe someone repaired the strap? I have no idea because the bag seems otherwise new. I'm afraid. Help me. :crybaby:
  2. All I know is that Personal Shoppers is a good seller with authentic items.
  3. I guess I am suspicious now and it's setting off all these red flags in my mind, like "How on earth does she afford all these bags?!" Powersellers sometimes wind up being scammers, you know?
  4. Are you thinking it is not authentic? If so, take a bunch of pics and post it in the "authentic this" thread.
  5. I can't imagine Personal Shoppers selling a fake. She's ALWAYS sold authentic merchandise.
  6. I will have to take some pics. How do I find the authentication thread? Will someone post a link? (Sorry, relatively new here.) Thanks! xoox
  7. I've bought bags from Personalshoppers, and they're great.

    I understand your concern, with so many fakes out there. Perhaps if you posted pictures, we can have a look. You could also ask where the bag was purchased, and that might give you some reassurance.
  8. I don't know if this helps but I did buy a Chanel on eBay for the same reason (sold out everywhere). Everything checked out and I could not find any flaws whatsoever but I could not relax and enjoy the bag. I even took it into a Chanel boutique and they authenticated it for me so I knew that it was real but I just could not get that nagging doubt out of my mind. I never enjoyed it as much as the ones that I have purchased at Neiman's and Nordy's but over time it is getting better. I decided that it was the eBay transaction that ruined it for me. I hope that is the same case with you and that your bag is authentic. Good luck! :hrmm:
  9. i think she does sell authentic stuff. is this the violet one she just sold? i wanted that bag so much!!
  10. Hi, I just recently purchased a black jumbo caviar flap bag from personalshopper and I love my bag. I am 100% sure my bag is authentic. I am sorry you feel your bag is fake. I would be upset if I spent that much money and had doubts. Post some pictures so we can help you authenticate it. Also you can take it into chanel and ask them to authenicate it for you. They will tell you in person but they will not give you any written authentication, why I don't know. If it makes you feel a little better I had my bag authenticated by chanel in beverly hills. I purchased my bag two weeks ago via her website. She gave me a little discount from her ebay prices. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. I have seen authentic bags that are NOT one continuous leather strip. Post pictures in the authentication thread, I'm sure your bag is authentic, but we'll have a look.:yes:
  12. sorry, double post.
  13. i think this has been brought up before. the leather strap isnt always one continuous piece. also, both my jumbo and medium flap has the glue residue at the parts where the leather is attached to another part of leather. i bought both bags at saks.
  14. It might be the fact that you bought it from ebay?

  15. Beats me... but I probably could think that others selling thru her???...& that she earned some commission... given her "good" names???? I'm not sure too...that's is y.. I dun buy from ebay... cos I dun think I want to go "thru" the stress..if anything goes wrong...:sad:

    Having said that...y that is so much "glue" ??? Can u clarify this with her...& see what she has to say???