Unsure if this is ridiculous???

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  1. While out and about on my lunch break, I made my twice weekly stop into my local Milan Station. After browsing at all the lovely bags, my eyes rested upon a darling Prada nylon backpack (black) with gold chain straps. I immediately thought of my daughter who is 7, and how cute she would look with it, and since we are off on a vacation on Sunday, and I was planning on buying her a small backpack for the trip....I figured why not Prada??? It was only $35, about the same that I would have spent on a no name backpack for her. They punched extra holes in the straps so it would be short enough, and I know it will look so.... cute, but is it ridiculous to have a 7 year old carrying a Prada backpack???? I have stated somewhere on this forum that I wouldn't be buying my girls any designer bags until they were well into their teens....but I couldn't help it...the deal was too good to pass up!!!!
  2. Can't blame you if it was $35!!!
  3. ....I don't think it's ridiculous but are you shure it's not a fake I don't know the shop you went to (live in France) but the price sounds just too amazing?!
  4. Agreed! That deal was too good. I think its ridiculous only when some outrageous sum if money has been spent.

  5. Yes...definitely not a fake!! Milan Station sells only authentic, and because I am a frequent buyer, and because no one else would probably want it, they sold it to me for half of what they had it on sale for!! I would think the same thing though...the price was AMAZING!!!!
  6. Lucky little girl then...
    My kids love Burberry, the girls are 12 and nearly 11 and the little man is almost one. And they have some very nice clothes.What bags are concerned I will have them wait a little because they are now brandconscious and I think 16 is a good age to get your first designerbag, that's when I received my first LV...mini noé.

  7. I always thought that I would wait until that age for my girls also....that is why I fell unsure about the backpack, being that it is designer...but damn... it was SO cheap!!!!

  8. Yes but your girl is 7 at that age I think everything is still "permitted". Later they know what they are carrying that changes the situation a bit that's why I hold back.
    I think you are totally fine, I woulsd have done the same thing!
  9. Prada for only $35?!!! Wow... you definitely have to buy it, either give it to your girl right now or keep it til later. If you decide to give it later, it'll just be a vintage one... doesn't matter, lots love vintage - including me ;). Btw, the HK stores stories makes me really want to go to HK :yes:
  10. Def worth it!!! At that price, there's really no difference between a Prada and any other "normal" bag, so I wouldn't consider this "spoiling" her. It's all dandy in my book :yes:
  11. Is Milan station a reseller?
  12. Yes...and the reason the bag was so cheap was because it is already vintage!!! I would say early to mid 90's, but in good condition.:smile: My daughter loves it...she said, "I have always wanted one of these!!", and then said, "Well, really I haven't, but I do like it!!!"
  13. Hey Anne,
    I go to HK once in a while for work. Do you mind compiling a "places to shop like crazy" list? I'm sure a lot of us would REALLY appreciate it :smile:
  14. Sure...I will make a thread tomorrow with the must go to shop places.....
  15. Ooooo you're creating a monster! Tpf'er in the making? Great deal! And BTW your new avatar is stunning - you're beautiful!