Unsure about Forest Green City

  1. Just delivered from LVR. Quick photo before the light fades in the UK evening.

    This is a lovely colour - a really nice strong deep green. For me this colour is a winner.

    However the leather seems thinner than that on the Violet and Jaune bags. It feels dry to me and the front of the bag looks a bit bulgy.

    Not sure whether this is the effect of transport without good padding. Keeping tags on and padding bag out with tissue over night before deciding whether to return this or keep it.
  2. I think it's a beautiful colour and with the Balenciaga leather, it will just get better with age. Is it just the texture of the leather, or would you have preferred a more distressed one?

    I wish you well,

  3. It's a beautiful bag - I'm sorry the leather isn't what you were expecting. Maybe as it breaks in you will enjoy it more...
  4. I LOVE that color!
  5. Hi - I think is is sufficiently distressed but it has a dry brittle feeling surface unlike my other 07 Balenciaga bags. The main leather feels much lighter in weight than the more solid areas of the bag and this seems to create tension and bubbling.

    I don't think I would recommend mail ordering Forest Green until a few more people get bags and can comment.

    The binding on the edges is also badly trimmed and there is a bit of exposed glue.

    This doesn't seem to be the standard of bag I have paid for.
  6. Thanks Jenova for posting the pic. The green is so beautiful!!! The plomb that i ordered from LVR was put on hold. Now seeing this color, i'm not sure if i should change to green instead. :confused1:
  7. Jenova, you should return it and ask for another...seems to me you should get exactly the leather you want!
  8. If you find the leather really unappealing, send it back and ask for another, specify what you are looking for and hopefully you will get one you truly love.

    If it were just dry, then I would say keep it, wear it, I am sure it will break in beautifully, but you say the binding is badly trimmed and glue is exposed, so send it back. Will they nail you for restocking fees etc?

    I wish you well,

  9. I'm sorry the leather and the binding are not what you were expecting :sad: that's never fun. But the color is really amazing... I love it! :love:
  10. Gorgeous bag. Love this color and it looks even more beautiful with the SGH.
  11. Oh Jen, i can't believe it, after you spent so long looking for one!
  12. Well it is a stunning colour. I will consider the matter over night.
  13. when oh when oh when will balny get the pine day bags in? I'm on the list, and I never imaged it would be the LAST color to come in!

    Love your city, btw!
  14. Oh, this must be the color "Pine"... it's a lovely dark green... however, if the leather is not up to your liking... I'd say exchange it. :yes:
  15. I think that LVR in Italy got a delivery yesterday. Give it a bit longer to reach NY. I would imagine they would be appearing there soon.